Dr. Jeremy M. Wojdak


Office: 180 Center for the Sciences
Lab: 168 Center for the Sciences
Box 6931, Radford University
Radford, VA 24142-6939, U.S.A.
Tel:(540) 831-5395
E-mail: jmwojdak@radford.edu

Courses Taught:

  • BIOL 131 - Ecology and Adaptation
  • BIOL 361 - Parasitology
  • BIOL 392 - Environmental Toxicology
  • BIOL 481 - Tropical Field Biology
  • BIOL 160 - Freshman Seminar in Biology
  • BIOL 103 - Environmental Biology
  • BIOL 105 - Concepts of Biology

Dr. Wojdak's Homepage



My research interests include the consequences of changes in animal species diversity for ecosystems, patterns of species diversity across space and time, as well as parasite-host and predator-prey interactions among aquatic animals.

Most of my research has been experimental, examining general principles in community ecology.


I am eager to collaborate with students on research projects related to community or aquatic ecology. Students might participate in projects I am working on or might work on topics of their own choosing.

I am also collaborating with other faculty to improve quantitative biology instruction for undergraduates across the country (see QUBES and our older project SUMS4BIO).