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  • What 300,000 year old eggshells reveal about the environment of the Paleolithic

    In the 1990s the discovery of the oldest human made and completely preserved wooden hunting weapons made the Paleolithic excavation site in Schoningen internationally renowned. Contained within the 300,000 year-old deposits on a former lake shore in what is now Lower Saxony organic materials remain extremely well preserved, including eggshells that scientists were able to identify as eggshell remains from various species of birds.

  • The stapes in the middle ear of a Neanderthal child shows anatomical differences from humans

    Scientists have produced a 3-D reconstruction of the remains of a two-year-old Neanderthal recovered from an excavation carried out back in the 1970s at La Ferrassie (Dordogne, France). The work reveals the existence of anatomical differences between the Neanderthals and our species, even in the smallest ossicles of the human body.

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