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University Core B: Core Skills & Knowledge

Mathematical Sciences (Required 3 hours)

Course Descriptions

MATH 114. Math and Human Society
MATH 116. Math and Humanity
MATH 119. Mathematics for Biology
MATH 121. Math Content for Teachers I
MATH 122. Math Content for Teachers II
MATH 125. Finite Mathematics for Business and Economics
MATH 126. Business Calculus
MATH 132. Honors Applications of Mathematics
MATH 137. College Algebra
MATH 138. Precalculus Function Analysis
MATH 151:152. Calculus and Analytic Geometry

Natural Sciences (Required 4 hours)

Course Descriptions

ASTR 111. General Astronomy I
ASTR 112. General Astronomy II
BIOL 103. Environmental Biology
BIOL 104. Human Biology
BIOL 105. Biology for Health Sciences
CHEM 101. General Chemistry I
CHEM 102. General Chemistry II
CHEM 120. Chemistry of Life
GEOL 100. Earth Resources and Natural Hazards
GEOL 105:106. Exploring Earth; Earth Through Time
PHYS 111. General Physics I
PHYS 112. General Physics II
PHYS 221. Physics I
PHYS 222. Physics II

Humanities (Required 3 hours)

Course Descriptions

CCST 110. Germanic Sagas and Myths
CLSS 110. Classical Mythology
ENGL 200. Literary Texts and Contexts
HIST 101. World History to 1500
HIST 102. World History after 1500
PHIL 111. Knowledge, Reality and Human Condition
PHIL 112. Ethics and Society
PHIL 114. Origins of Western Philosophy
POSC 110. Introduction to Politics
RELN 111. Introduction to Religion
RELN 112. Survey of World Religions
RELN 203. Sacred Texts of the West
RELN 206. Survey of Religious Experiences

Visual and Performing Arts (Required 3 hours)

Course Descriptions

ART 100. Art Appreciation
ART 215. Art History Survey: Prehistory to Gothic
ART 216. Art History Survey: Renaissance to Contemporary
CVPA 266. Travel Study in Visual and Performing Arts
DNCE 111. Dance Appreciation
MUSC 100. Introduction to Music Literature
MUSC 121. Art of Music
MUSC 123. Art of Jazz
THEA 100. Theatre Appreciation
THEA 180. Introduction to World Cinema

Social and Behavioral Sciences (Required 3 hours)

Course Descriptions

ANSC 101. Anthropology of the Human Past
APST 200. Introducing Appalachia
ECON 205. Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 206. Principles of Microeconomics
GEOG 101. Europe and the Americas
GEOG 102. Africa and Asia
GEOG 103. Introduction to Human Geography
HIST 111. U.S. History to 1865
HIST 112. U.S. History since 1865
POSC 120. Introduction to American Government
PSYC 121. Introductory Psychology
RELN 205. Religion and Culture
SOCY 110. Introduction to Sociology
SOCY 121. Understanding Cultures