Consulting Services

Thinking about starting a new business? Already an experienced business owner or non-profit organization who needs assistance in expanding your business or solving business/organizational problems? The Radford University Small Business Development Center (SBDC) can assist you at no charge (some fees may apply to some on-site and online training offerings. Contact us for additional information).

Whether you are a first time entrepreneur or an experienced business owner, let us assist you! The Radford University SBDC offers counseling in all aspects of starting and managing a business, such as:

  • Understanding the requirements of going into business
  • Finding sources of business financing
  • Developing effective marketing plans
  • Understanding the legal and tax requirements and implications of running a business
  • Aid in solving existing business or organizational problems
  • Finding new business opportunities
  • Expanding into international markets
  • Developing new ideas for products or services
  • Deciding on a business or organization structure

Sign up for free today, to see how we can help you get started or improve your existing business or organization!  Our counseling services are free and confidential.