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Outstanding Student Awards Recipients

(SPRING 1999 - SPRING 2015)


Class of 1999- Spring

Outstanding MBA Graduate – John Mueller
Outstanding Graduate from the MS in International Economics Program- Yongli Xi
COBE Dean’s Award- Renee Saltes
Wall Street Journal Award- Leane Peregory
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Sekou Keita
Outstanding Administrative Systems Graduate- Rhonda Richardson
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Murat Senalp
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Raynor Duncombe
Outstanding Information Systems Graduate- Kimberly Klouse
Outstanding Management Graduate- William Moore
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Lori Cranfill

Class of 2000- Spring

Outstanding MBA Graduate – Robert A. Adams
Outstanding Graduate from the MS in International Economics Program- Meera Bagati
COBE Dean’s Award- Laura Melius
Wall Street Journal Award- Kimberly Hawksworth
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Teresa VanDer Veer
Outstanding Administrative Systems Graduate- Diana Davis
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Brandon Clark
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Teresa Setliff
Outstanding Information Systems Graduate- Christopher Flor
Outstanding Management Graduate- Phillip Hurst
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Amanda Nicely

Class of 2001- Spring

Outstanding MBA Graduate- Deborah Jean Salus
Outstanding Graduate from the MS in International Economics Program- Pallavi Borah
COBE Dean’s Award- Jason Scott Shinn
Wall Street Journal Award- Deborah Bryant Noble
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Kelly Allison Quesinberry
Outstanding Administrative Systems Graduate- Tamara Shay Mullins
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Robert Danny Ratcliffe
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Robert Francis Del Gandio
Outstanding Information Systems Graduate- Michael Stephen Littlefield
Outstanding Management Graduate- Harry Wilson Persinger
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Amy Louise McLiverty

Class of 2001- Winter

Outstanding MBA Graduate- Shawn Michael Bounds
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- April Lee Henderson
Outstanding Administrative Systems Graduate- Jacenta Meredith
Outstanding Economics Graduate- David Russell Lovell
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Jason Gray Dawson
Outstanding Information Systems Graduate- Russell Todd Reid
Outstanding Management Graduate- Tenika Marie Hawley
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Sameer Yusuf

Class of 2002- Spring

Outstanding MBA Graduate- MaryJo LaFever
COBE Dean’s Award- Nicole L. Ruble
Wall Street Journal Award- Deborah L. Haga
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Kristin Lynn White
Outstanding Administrative Systems Graduate- Jonathan Lindsay Truslow
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Catrin Christin Moehwald
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Jonathan Edward Wilson
Outstanding Information Systems Graduate- Stephen Paul Schleck
Outstanding Management Graduate- Douglas J. Simons
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Joshua R. Bradley

Class of 2002- Winter

Outstanding MBA Graduate- Karl A. Zartarian
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Bartholomeus Oosthuizen
Outstanding Administrative Systems Graduate-  Rachel Irene Smith
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Harry Christopher Knackstedt
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Jeffrey Lee Butts
Outstanding Information Systems Graduate-  Michael Czumak
Outstanding Management Graduate- Rebecca Lynn Belcher
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Ryan Abbott Crush

Class of 2003- Spring

COBE Dean’s Award- Arthur Leslie Livermore, IV
Wall Street Journal Award- April Renee Adkins
Outstanding MBA Graduate- Richard Hoyt Harris, Jr.
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Brenda Joyce Willner
Outstanding Administrative Systems Graduate- Edward Alan Baker
Outstanding Economics Graduate- M. Anahita Jaliliun
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Anna Marie Osborne
Outstanding Information Systems Graduate- Jeffrey Scott Iacone
Outstanding Management Graduate- Keith Harold White
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Natalie McKinnon Huvar
COBE Academic Achievement Award- Karen Leigh Crouse

Class of 2003- Winter

Outstanding MBA Graduate- Victoria Lyne Frazier
Outstanding Management Graduate- Robert Duane Martin
Outstanding Management Graduate- Elena Eid

Class of 2004- Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Monique LaShawn Walker
Outstaning Finance Graduate- Jill M. Finley
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Charles Richard Sheppard
Outstanding Management Graduate- Christina Marie Carroll
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Adam Dale Daniel
Outstanding MBA Graduate- Adam Reece Neal
Delta Sigma Pi Academic Award- Laura Elizabeth Tereby
Wall Street Journal Award- Mary Elizabeth Garvin
COBE Dean’s Award- Matthew Brandon Crisp

Class of 2004- Winter

Outstanding MBA Graduate- Barbara Newton
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Julie Matthews Smith
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Zachary Hatcher
Outstanding Management Graduate- Joseph Lloyd Stratzer
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Sarah Elizabeth Fortney

Class of 2005- Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Jennifer Lynn Bell
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Jared Andrew Camp
Outstanding Economics Graduate- William Andrew Jolliff
Outstanding Management Graduate- John L. Winston
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Jason Bryant Conlon
Outstanding MBA Graduate- Gulfem Cigdem Katlu
Delta Sigma Pi Academic Award- Johan Henrik Anderberg
Wall Street Journal Award- Burns Preston Mullins
Dean’s Award- Jeffrey Robert Bennett

Class of 2005- Winter

Outstanding MBA Graduate- Ingo Gerisch
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Frances P. Hunt
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Lauren Curry Ramsey
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Christopher Burgess Odell
Outstanding Management Graduate- Anthony Jarrett Bordogna
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Laura Sue Yates

Class of 2006- Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Todd Curtis Phillips
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Leigh Evans Barnes
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Patrick Colas
Outstanding Management Graduate- Sara Kathryn Hudson
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Steven Paul Mignogna
Outstanding MBA Graduate- John Bruce Barbee
Delta Sigma Pi Academic Award- Christian Noble Seymour
Dean’s Award- Brandan Allen Halsey

Class of  2006- Winter

Outstanding MBA Graduate- Heather S. Evans
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Robert Alan Grant
Outstanding Management Graduate- Malaina Renee Strickland
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Nicolas Lee Bernard

Class of 2007- Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Jessica Laine Cockrell
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Heather Tenille Pender
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Robert Paul Barrett
Outstanding Management Graduate- Cathy Marie Fielder
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Halley Christian White
Outstanding MBA Graduate- Brenton James Whitlow
Delta Sigma Pi Academic Award- Michael Lee Pingel
Wall Street Journal Award- Laura J. Pynn
Dean’s Award- David Scott Gretz

Class of 2008- Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Annemijn Van Der Bijl
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Michael Davis Welch
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Nicholas Isaac Warner
Outstanding Management Graduate- Thomas Clifton Carter
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Joshua Ryan Coates
Outstanding MBA Graduate- Candice Lee Witt
Delta Sigma Pi Academic Award- Christina Lynn Delawder
Entrepreneurship Spirit Award- Christopher Douglas Pund
Wall Street Journal Award- Cassandra Alice Price
Dean’s Award- Christopher Lee Pertl

Class of 2009- Spring

Special Award- Brittany Ann Binsted
Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Deana Lynn Sentman
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Corey Jovon Brickers
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Michael Ross McDonald
Outstanding Management Gradaute- Juliann Christine Abercrombie
Outstanding Marketing Major-Sarah Michelle Leonard
Outstanding MBA Graduate- Emily Paige Wong
Wall Street Journal Award- Mehdi Benhammou
Dean’s Award- Juliamm Christine Abercrombie
Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship- Deana Lynn Sentman

Class of 2010- Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- BreAnna L. West
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Garry J. Roosma
Outstanding Economics Graduate- James I. Gearhart
Outstanding Management Graduate- Irina V. Stoyanova
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Justin S. Triplett
Outstanding MBA Graduate- Diana N. Rorrer
Wall Street Journal Award- Michael E. DeJarnette
Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key- Travis R. Hawley

Class of 2011- Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Chelsea W. Webb
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Ashley R. Hall
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Jordan P. Salyards
Outstanding Management Graduate- Gregory G. Myers
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Zachary A. Burnett
Professional Master of Business Administration- Joshua G. King
Master of Business Administration- Mathias Schmitt
COBE Outstanding Students- Ashley R. Hall, Gregory G. Myers
COBE Citizen Scholar- Chelsea W. Webb

Class of 2011- Winter

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Lesleigh G. Craft
Outstanding Finance Graduate- April N. Taylor
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Brandon S. Groseclose
Outstanding Management Graduate- Jessica L. Folk
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Charles K. Funderburgh
Professional Master of Business Administration- Derek B. Opincar
Master of Business Administration- Justin S. Triplett, Kaschia M. Hogan, Rocio M. Barrueta-Enriquez

Class of 2012 - Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Jason S. Patten
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Scarlett S. Turman
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Christopher Blake
Outstanding Management Graduate- Brett P. Olinger
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- John S. Krajc
Professional Master of Business Administration- Kara Espinoza
Master of Business Administration- Stela Chileva
Dean's Award for service & scholarship - Beau Proctor
COBE Outstanding Student-Emma Sowers
Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key-Christopher Blake and Brett Olinger

Class fo 2012 - Winter

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Mandy Basham
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Ben Gallas
Outstanding Economics Graduate- David Kouadio
Outstanding Management Graduate- Maxim Collignon
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Monica Saunders
Professional Master of Business Administration- Mark McCaskill
Master of Business Administration- Edward "Koehler" Slagel

Class of 2013 - Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Hannah Pope
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Katherine Brockett
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Joe Mills
Outstanding Management Graduate- Steven Archibald
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Wallace Andrus
Professional Master of Business Administration- Ashley Maxfield
Master of Business Administration- Christina Cochrane
COBE Dean's Award- Emily Besse
COBE Service Award- Blake Smith
COBE Outstanding Student- Kurt Moran
COBE Citizen/Scholar- Landon Hinton
Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key- Alexandra Carter

Class of 2013 - Winter

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Lauren Thompson
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Robert Buonviri
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Don Carter
Outstanding Management Graduate- Tanner Carbaugh
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Javannah Taylor
Professional Master of Business Administration- Jeremiah Woolwine
Master of Business Administration- Wanda Beck

Class of 2014 - Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Huyen Trang Nguyen
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Matthew Boyd
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Joe Mayer
Outstanding Management Graduate- Paige Reese
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Hannah Steineke
Professional Master of Business Administration- Adelmo Lugones
Master of Business Administration- Karoline Stein
COBE Dean's Award- Rene Carling
COBE Service Award- Amber Ehrett
COBE Outstanding Student- Michelle Speede
COBE Citizen/Scholar- Huyen Trang Nguyen
Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key- Wendy Burcham

Class of 2014- Winter

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Lauren Thompson
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Robert Buonviri
Outstanding Economics Graduate- William Hopkins
Outstanding Management Graduate- Tara Combs
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- James Eggers
Professional Master of Business Administration- Christopher Dunn
Master of Business Administration- Juna Gjata

Class of 2015 - Spring

Outstanding Accounting Graduate- Chadwick Hildebrandt
Outstanding Finance Graduate- Stephen Hudgens
Outstanding Economics Graduate- Emily Grant
Outstanding Management Graduate- Sarah Ponthieux
Outstanding Marketing Graduate- Lisa Diana
Professional Master of Business Administration- Timothy Rowe
Master of Business Administration- Nicholas Sayer
COBE Dean's Award- Heidi Flowers
COBE Service Award- Madalyn Dunn
COBE Citizen/Scholar- Raymond Boisvert
Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key- Stephen Hudgens
Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key- Sarah Ponthieux