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Incoming Cadets

Whether you are currently an esteemed ROTC cadet or are an incoming member, you are on track to becoming an Army Officer. Remember, you may take Army ROTC for two full years with no commitment. The Army ROTC course counts as elective credit toward your Radford University degree.

Basic Course Initial Enrollment Forms

The following forms are part of the Standard enrollment paperwork, if you are enrolling in the ROTC Program.

  • CC Form 139-R (PDF)- Follow instructions provided. If you have questions, wait until you arrive to fill out that area.
  • Copy of your transcripts - New freshman must submit high school transcript to include final semester; transfer and current Radford University students must submit your most recent college transcript.
  • DA Form 3425-R (PDF)- Medical Fitness Statement. Must be submitted PRIOR to the start of classes. If you are already DoDMERB qualified you don't need this form.
  • Dental Form (PDF)- Does not require a dentist's signature and must be submitted PRIOR to the start of classes.
  • Original/certified birth certificate or current passport; a copy will be made and the original returned to you, but we must see the original or certified document.
  • Signed Social Security card. Be sure the card is signed.
  • DD Form 2058 (PDF)- State a legal residence.
  • VT 1 Enrollment Information Sheet (DOC)- A new copy is completed every semester. All requests for waivers must be submitted and approved prior to contracting.
  • CC Form 136-R (DOC)- Briefing of Government Benefits 
  • Form CC 137-R (PDF)- Authorization of Record Access
  •  Dean of Students Release Letter (PDF)
  • DD Form 2005 (PDF)- Privacy Act Statement
  •  Uniform Size Chart (PDF)
  • CC Form 104-R  (PDF)- Academic Alignment Sheet

Additional Information and Forms