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Peace Studies Minor Requirements

Students minoring in Peace Studies design their programs of study in consultation with a rotating committee of PEAC advisors. The program is administered by the PEAC Committee which must approve all programs of study.

Students take six required credits in peace studies in conjunction with twelve credits drawn from other university course offerings related to a certain theme in peace studies as chosen by each student. A student’s course of study must have a clearly stated focus and the courses selected must be justified in terms of that focus.

Examples: procedures for international conflict management; alternative views on the causes of war and conditions of peace; the role of science and technology in war and peace; the history of peace movements; nonviolence in theory and practice; nonviolent communications; military history; the variety of potential world order systems; regional conflicts and their management; international law and organization; nuclear weapons and world security; international conflict and human rights; causes and resolutions of human conflict; relationships between inner and outer peace; international environmental policy; economic causes for conflict; international economic development; etc.

Required and Elective Courses (18 Hours)

Many courses within existing university departmental curricula are potentially relevant to the minor, and it is the responsibility of the student to design a program (in consultation with PEAC faculty) based on his or her own interests and field of specialization prior to submission of the program to the PEAC Committee for approval.


PEAC 200. Introduction to Peace Studies
PEACE 487. Senior Seminar OR in years the seminar is not offered, PEAC 489. Senior Thesis. The capstone course can also be taken as an independent study, PEAC 498.

The thesis will be supervised by an interdisciplinary PEAC committee which may be chaired in the student’s major department. Courses taken for other majors or minors may not be counted with this minor.