Welcome Jeanie Owens, Newest Member of the CHBS Dean's Office Team!

In the CHBS Dean's Office, we've been busy welcoming the newest member of our team, Ms. Jeanie Owens, the new Assistant to the Dean.  You may know Jeanie as the former owner/operator of Café 24 here in Radford, where she proved she can multi-task under pressure and still come out smiling.  I consider that excellent preparation for her new position in the CHBS Dean's Office!  Jeanie will join Tod Burke, Stacey Griffin and Pam Shanley as the other members of our team.  In addition to providing some much needed back-up for Stacey, Jeanie will be primarily responsible for communications between the dean's office and our multiple constituencies, especially our alumni.  Jeanie is also the primary point of contact for all things related to our new building.  Now that the construction is set to begin, activity associated with the new building will rapidly become nearly a full-time job for the next 2+ years.  Once we move into the new building in the Fall of 2016, there will still be much to do to manage all the many activities that will take place in and around the new building.  No matter what is thrown at her, I have complete confidence in Jeanie's ability to find a way to make it work!

Please welcome Jeanie to CHBS!


May 30, 2014