1. Digital History »


    A digital history program is underway in the Department of History with student researchers transcribing the records of the Botetourt County Courthouse.

  2. History paper prize winner »


    The History Department awarded the Distiguished Essay Award to Kaleb Cahoon for his work on "The Persecution of Homosexuals in Nazi Germany."

  3. Students receive honors in history »


    Kaleb Cahoon, Nicholas Stephenson and Geoffrey White graduated with Honors in History.

  4. Dean's Scholars »


    For the 2016-2017 academic year, the Department of History picked Kaleb Kahoon (History) and Andrew Cox (Social Science) for the Dean's Scholars awards.

  5. History alumnus publishes book »


    Philip W. Travis, Radford University history major and class of 2002, has published his first academic monograph, Reagan's War on Terrorism in Nicaragua: The Outlaw State.

  6. The Department of History has moved »


    The Department of History has moved into the new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building

  7. Internship opportunities »


    Are you a history major interested in pursuing an internship experience?

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