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Junior Advising

Foreign Language Majors Advisees' to do list

  • How are your upper division classes going this semester?

  • Be sure to check your GPA and course requirements according to your intended major.

  • Note: Summer is an excellent time to take courses here or transfer courses in.

  • If you want to take classes at another institution and transfer them back to RU, only the credits will transfer, not the grades. Also, the Registrar’s office needs a copy of the “Request for Transfer Credit” on file so you can be sure the classes will transfer appropriately.

  • Have you spoken to your advisor or another professor in your major about the professional field and career plans?

  • Are you participating in the conversation hours or otherwise using the language in a non-academic context?

  • Start working on your résumé.

  • Will you be studying abroad this year? Are you jotting down notes in the target language about your study abroad experiences?

  • Have you tried looking up words in the other language in a monolingual dictionary?

  • Have you considered trying out a third language?