Technical and Business Writing Minor

Non-majors can earn a minor in technical and business writing by completing the four courses listed below in addition to the nine credit hours of English general education requirements in addition to CORE 101 and CORE 103, or CORE 103. Students should take ENGL 407 to prepare for ENGL 496, Internship.

  • ENGL 306:  Professional Writing
  • ENGL 403:  Grammar and Style for Writers
  • ENGL 406:  Advanced Technical Writing (offered spring only)
  • ENGL 407:  Technical Editing (offered fall only)

Note:  ENGL 306 is prerequisite for ENGL 406 and 407 but not for ENGL 307.

Recommended schedule of courses for those pursuing the concentration:

  • ENGL 306  Spring sophomore or fall junior year
  • ENGL 403  Spring junior year
  • ENGL 407  Fall senior year (offered fall only)
  • ENGL 406  Spring senior year (offered spring only)