For Students

Why an internship?

Interships can enhance your education with career-related work experience. They may provide clarity in your career or educational goals by exposing you to the professional work environment.

What do I need to register for one?

You will need to register for English 495 and may earn up to 12 hours of credit. An internship can vary from small projects on a contract basis to a more formal agreement with an employer to provide 10 hours of work per week. You should have junior or senior standing and have at least a "B" average in your English courses and you must have taken English 306, Preparation of Professional Papers, and preferably English 407, Technical Writing.

For Employers

What can English major interns do?

They can write clear and consise reports, proposals, letters, memos, newsletters, news releases, public relations documents, promotional materials, manuals, websites, etc., and can also edit material written by others to consistency in style and grammar. They are familiar with most major word processing software, and some will have familiarity with web and desktop publishing software. All interns have at least a "B" average in their English courses and will have taken technical and business writing courses.

What will an intern's services cost?

Nothing. Unless the employer and the intern agree on another arrangement, the intern will receive three (3) hours of academic credit (but may receive up to 12 hours) for 10 hours of work per wek during a 15-week semester. A stipend is permissible if the employer wishes to provide one.

How can I request an intern?

Get in touch with:

Rick Van Noy
English Department
Radford University
PO Box 6935
Radford, VA 24142

What responsibilities will I have?

The employer is expected to:

  1. Agree with the the intern on the terms of the internship
  2. Assign appropriate work and supervise as necessary, and
  3. Complete three one-page progress reports - at the beginning, middle and end of the internship.

When can interns start?

In general, university semesters begin late August, early January, early May and Late June. Intern placements can occur as late as the first week of any term.

For additional information, visit the Career Services website.