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Dr. Jeffrey Saperstein

Professor Saperstein has a PhD from the University of New Hampshire, an MA from Northeastern University, and a BA from the State University of New York at Albany. His teaching interests include composition, American literature, Shakespeare, and film. His research has been in composition theory/pedagogy, gender studies, film theory, ethnic studies, and Shakespeare. He has presented papers and published articles in film studies, on "The Shop on Main Street," "Throne of Blood," "Midnight Cowboy," films of Woody Allen, "The Natural" (film adaptation); and on Roth, Thoreau, Morrison, and Atwood. For Professor Saperstein, "The reading experience is never complete for me until I interact with other readers and we get our collective heads together. Student responses to an assigned text become part of the text. I try to structure my literature classes according to that basic reader response principle."