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Dr. Reneé Dickinson


Professor Renee Dickinson received her Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder, her M.A. from the University of Essex, and her B.A. from Seattle Pacific University. She also holds a Secondary Teaching Certificate in English and Drama from Seattle Pacific. Professor Dickinson’s dissertation, The Corporeum: Body, Land, Nation and Text in Virginia Woolf and Olive Moore, considers the developments of narrative through the images of the female body, its convergence with images of the land and ideologies of the nation in order to consider how female British modernists used textual experimentation to address and undress these gendered physical and ideological “bodies.” She has also written on images of Florence Nightingale in Virginia Woolf’s novel, The Waves, and on Harry Potter and pedagogy. Her current research concerns the recovery of literary works of and biographical information on Olive Moore. For Professor Dickinson, teaching is less a transference of information and more a group expedition, a guided trek in which we all get a bit muddy in the process.