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Tentative Graduate Course Schedule

** This schedule is tentative and subject to change **
** This schedule applies to the on-campus criminal justice graduate program **
** (View the tentative schedule of courses offered at the Roanoke Higher Education Center) **

Recommended Schedule

You should work closely with your advisor to plan the schedule that best meets your academic needs.  For full-time students planning to complete the program in two years without summer coursework, the following schedule is recommended:

Fall, 1st Year

(or elective)

Spring, 1st Year

CRJU Elective

Fall, 2nd Year

CRJU Elective
(or CRJU-655)
CRJU Elective
CRJU Elective
(or Thesis, if MA)
Spring, 2nd Year

CRJU Elective
CRJU Elective
(or Thesis, if MA)

This general scheduling advice is provided to all students:

  • Register at your assigned time; do not wait until the beginning of the semester to sign up for classes.
  • If you need a required course to graduate and it is full, please contact the department chair (Dr. Mary Atwell, matwell@radford.edu).
  • Take CRJU-600 in your first semester or, if not available your first semester, the next time that it is offered.
  • CRJU-670 is a prerequisite to CRJU-671; plan accordingly.
  • CRJU-691 should be taken toward the end of your program.

A sample schedule for Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's students is available here.

Core Courses
Each required core course is offered once a year, on the following rotation:

Fall Semesters CRJU-600, Survey of Criminal Justice 
CRJU-655, Constitutional Law and the Criminal Justice System 
CRJU-670, Criminal Justice Research Methods
Spring Semesters CRJU-671, Quantitative Methods in Criminal Justice Research 
CRJU-675, Studies in Criminological Theory 
CRJU-691, Public Policy and Criminal Justice

Elective Courses

In addition to the required courses, we offer at least three graduate electives each semester.  We plan to offer electives on the following rotation:

Fall 2012
CRJU-590, Seminar: Emergency Management
CRJU-650, Criminal Justice Ethics
CRJU-672, Applications in Crime Analysis
CRJU-676, Environmental Criminology
CRJU-690, Seminar: Investigative Psychology
Spring 2012 CRJU-590, Seminar: TBA
CRJU-638, Founations of Corrections
CRJU-673, Crime Mapping
CRJU-690, Seminar: TBA
Summer 2012
To Be Announced