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Criminal Justice Academic Advising

Graduation Application Forms

Graduation Applications must be completed and submitted to your academic advisor (with a copy of your degree audit) by the date specified on the Academic Calendar.

College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Advising Center

The College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Advising Center can provide assistance on advising questions for undergraduate criminal justice students.

2015-2016 Undergraduate Academic Advising

If you have not yet earned 60 credit hours, you will be advised by the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Advising Center, located in Russell Hall 128 (Hours:  8:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday; Phone: 540-831-6366).  If you have earned 60 or more credit hours, you will be advised by faculty in the Department of Criminal Justice, based on your last name.

If your name starts with... Your advisor is...


Advising Assignments for 2015-2016 are currently being updated and will be entered soon.


Dr. Jack Call, jcall@radford.edu, (540) 831-5391 
Sign up for an appointment with Dr. Call by clicking here, to use his Google Docs sign-in sheet.  After signing up for an appointment, please email Dr. Call, letting him know that you have signed up for an appointment and monitor your email close to the time of the appointment.  If something happens that Dr. Call cannot be on campus for your appointment, he will try to contact you by email as soon as possible.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBER on the advising sign-up sheet, because it is viewable by the public.
  Dr. Lucy Hochstein, lhochstei@radford.edu, (540) 831-6163
  Dr. Egan Green, ekgreen@radford.edu, (540) 831-5995
  Dr. Stephen Owen, ssowen@radford.edu, (540) 831-6786
  Dr. Lori Elis, lelis@radford.edu, (540) 831-6775
  Dr. Bakhitah Abdul-Ra'uf, bbabdulr@radford.edu, (540) 831-6338
  Dr. Isaac Van Patten, ivanpatt@radford.edu, (540) 831-6737
  Dr. Nicole Hendrix, pnhendrix@radford.edu, (540) 831-6161