Welcome to the Department of Criminal Justice at Radford University!

Criminal justice involves the study of crime and the criminal justice system, and is an interdisciplinary and professionally-oriented academic discipline. Learn more about our programs and faculty.

Upcoming Training:

Radford University's Department of Criminal Justice and Radford University Police Department are hosting the Radford University Homeland Security Conference on March 6-8, 2017. Additional information can be found on the event page.

We have moved!!!

The Department of Criminal Justice is now located in the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building (CHBS building) located between Muse Hall and McConnell Library. New faculty office numbers are listed below and on their faculty webpage.

  • Main Criminal Justice Office:  5402 
  • Rachel Santos, 5301
  • Roberto Santos, 5305
  • Jack Call, 5308
  • Luke Hunt, 5311
  • Lucy Hochstein, 5026
  • Bakhitah Abdul-Ra’uf, 5027
  • Lori Elis, 5028
  • ‘Shawn Smith, 5401
  • Maggie Pate, 5403
  • Riane Bolin, 5405
  • Stephen Owen, 5406
  • Kristi Wilson, 5407
  • Lynn Arnold, 5408
  • Tod Burke, 5410
  • Ben Wright, 5412
  • Eric Snow, 5413
  • Egan Green, 5038A
  • Nicole Hendrix, 5038B
  • Isaac Van Patten, 5038C
  • Shelly Wagers, 4506

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News and Events

  1. Radford in the media »


    Radford University professors were featured in media outlets over the holiday break.

  2. Students present findings on Kennedy assassination »


    Radford University students filled the new courtroom inside the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building on Dec. 6 to present their findings on controversial aspects of the Kennedy assassination.

  3. Students learn insanity defense in new court room »


    Students in Assistant Professor Luke William Hunt’s Criminal Law and Evidence course practiced the use of the insanity defense in a mock trial.

  4. Criminal Justice revives professional bulletin »


    The Virginia Criminal Justice Bulletin was published for the first time this November by the Department of Criminal Justice at Radford University. The newsletter consists of a broad range of topics that encompasses the field of criminal justice.

  5. Radford students investigate Kennedy assassination, present findings »


    Everyone knows what happened on Nov. 22, 1963 – but Radford University students will utilize the new courtroom in the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences to discuss and present findings of controversial aspects of the Kennedy assassination at 5 p.m. on Dec. 6.

  6. Radford in the media »


    Radford University was featured in The Roanoke Times over the past week, covering a variety of topics.

  7. Radford University in the media »


    Radford University was featured in multiple media outlets this past week.

  8. Retired FBI special agent visits Radford »


    Retired FBI special agent Rusty Capps came to Radford University on Oct. 26 to discuss the rise of ISIS and leaderless violence.

  9. New courtroom used for literary mock trial »


    Assistant Professor, Luke Hunt, a lawyer and former FBI Special Agent, led Criminal Justice students through a literary mock trial on Oct. 24.