School of Communication Graduate on the Fast Track to Success

Logan Shumaker

By Thomas Dindinger

Logan Shumaker graduated from Radford University’s School of Communication in the spring of 2015. He majored in public relations and minored in marketing. Shortly after graduating from Radford, he was hired by ABS Technology in Roanoke, Virginia.

Shumaker grew up in Riner, Virginia, which is about ten minutes away from Radford. He comes from a very athletic family. He came to Radford on a track scholarship and is the record holder in long jump, 300 hurdles, and 4x400m relay at Auburn High School. His younger sister Madi is now playing volleyball at Tusculum College in Greeneville, Tennessee. She was part of Auburn High School’s volleyball team that won three straight 1A state titles.

After he arrived at Radford, Shumaker wanted to make sure he chose a major that would give him plenty of room for opportunities in the future. “I chose public relations because it is such a broad field and has an unlimited amount of different ways that you could use your degree. I also have always liked creating relationships with new people, and my field allows me to do that,” he said.

ABS Technology is a company in Virginia that provides managed IT services and technology consulting. Shumaker has been working for ABS as an account manager for over a year now. He explained, “I’m responsible for a territory that spreads from Virginia through North Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. I mainly work with public school systems in those areas and consult with them on what their best practices or solutions would be that would best suit them.”

A typical day at work for him usually includes him going out in front of people and creating new relationships with potential clients. “I’m working on something really cool right now with a manufacturer and Floyd County Schools. We are developing a product that would help students with a homebound sickness or injury. These video units would allow them to interact with their classes and stay on top of their work,” Shumaker said.

He shared with me one of his most humorous days while working for ABS, “I was going to my first RBTC conference at Virginia Tech with my boss. It was my first big event, I wore my suit and tie, I was there on time, and of all things, I left my business cards at home. A salesman with no business cards.” This shows that it is completely normal for even the most successful people to slip up sometimes.

Shumaker made a trip back to Radford recently to see the new massive CHBS building for the first time. After graduating from the School of Communication in 2015, he just missed the new addition to the program by a year. “I think all of the new resources, all of this extra space, and the big upgrade on all of the new technology is awesome. I’m actually pretty jealous that I didn’t get to enjoy it all, now I’m contemplating coming back here to get my masters,” he said. 

He mentioned that the two big things that got him a job after he graduated was networking, and his portfolio. “My portfolio was one of my biggest takeaways form Radford. It allowed me to go into my interview and say look this it what I’ve done, here’s my GPA, this is all of my projects, all of the classes I’ve taken, and all of the campaigns I was involved in. It helped a lot, and I think that it was a big differentiator in me getting a job. Radford was really a big part of that process,” Shumaker said.

Shumaker is living proof that it isn’t impossible to be successful in this world, like some people put it out to be. He has set a great example for future public relations and all communications students. All of the hard work and preparation that professors require students to put in will pay off in the future. It just takes the desire to be successful, and this Radford graduate has certainly had plenty of that.

Nov 1, 2016
School of Communication