Joya Garris: Newly Appointed CHBS Ambassador

Joya Garris

By Aubrey Woodward

Joya Garris, a junior, media studies major with a concentration in Production Technology, is one of the newly appointed ambassadors of the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences.

Garris, who also has a second major in mathematics with a concentration in statistics, said of the appointment: “I love it, I’m so happy. I did not think I was going to get it because I know there’s a lot of applicants and I was so scared but I’m so excited that I got it.”

As an ambassador Garris will help sell the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences. Her duties include assisting guest speakers and being present on Highlander Days when undergraduate and prospective students receive multiple opportunities to advocate for different programs and colleges.

“I went to the majors and minors fair, that was really fun; I got to talk to students who were all pre-majors. I got to talk to them about the School of Communication and what majors we have and our minors. So I guess I talk to people and tell them about stuff. It’s an awesome job because I love talking.”

As if having two majors and being an ambassador is not enough, Garris is also very involved on campus. She is part of Phi Sigma Pi, an honors fraternity, whose main focus is on the ideals of leadership, fellowship and scholarship. She also belongs to two academic societies, Lambda Pi Eta and Pi Gamma Mu.

Garris has a lot of goals in mind with both her majors. “There’s always going to be jobs in the math field so it’s kind of a safe bet, and there’s money in math,” she said.

She continued, “but then media studies is more appealing to my creative side. I’m really thinking I want to do more PR stuff because that’s what I do for my fraternity, I do all the social media, I handle our PR, I do photography and videography so now that’s the direction I want to go. I really want to get into aerial and drone photography and videography if I can.”

Garris is very excited to represent the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences amongst several other ambassadors. 

Nov 9, 2016
School of Communication