Sophomore, Jennifer Bennett, Appointed President of SPJ Student Chapter

Jennifer Bennett-President SPJ Chapter

By Terell Bailey

Last spring Radford University announced the formation of its own Society of Professional Journalists student chapter. One year later, another stride has been made in order to help the chapter grow, a new president has been announced.

Sophomore, Jennifer Bennett, majoring in media studies with a concentration in journalism and minoring in economics, is the new president.

Bennett is optimistic. This semester she plans to give the SPJ student chapter a better on-campus presence starting with the annual Winter Club Fair.

“I think the misconception with students is that they think you have to be a writer in order to join but you don’t,” Bennett says.

Bennett and the vice president Shiza Manzoor are working hard to create a collaboration with the seven branches of Student Media in order to be a more unified organization and give students an actual newsroom feel.

She has been working closely with her executive board to create a COMS Week panel with other student media leaders, so students can get to know more about each organization. Also she wants the SPJ student chapter to start traveling to conferences in order to meet other chapters and build strong connections.

Although, Bennett may be early in her collegiate career, she continues to keep busy. She is also the news editor for the The Tartan – the student-run newspaper. Bennett also writes for the

Bennett grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia. While in high school she was involved in a journalism program. When she came to Radford University, she initially wanted to major in economics, but changed her mind.

“I felt that journalism needed to be in my life, so I settled for an ECON minor and journalism major,” Bennett added.

After graduation Bennett dreams of moving to New York and becoming a writer for the New York Times.

Bennett says, “I live and breathe for journalism.”

For those interested in joining the SPJ student chapter, the general body meetings are Thursdays at 8 p.m. The only requirements for joining is a love for journalism and a $37 membership fee.  

Jan 26, 2017
School of Communication