2016 graduate lands a temporary gig at C-SPAN

Glenn Hall

By Colton Rhea McConnell

Glenn Hall, 22, of Falls Church, Virginia, who graduated in May 2016 with a degree in media studies with a concentration in production technology, has found a career opener at C-SPAN.

Hall works as a temporary video field technician for Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network in Washington D.C. Hall first began working for C-SPAN in July 2016 and is scheduled to work until Nov. 11.

“I like working there,” said Hall. “It’s all unedited. It’s straight forward. There’s no cuts or commentary and the only time they have a news broadcaster or anchor is for their morning show, and most of that is getting opinion around the country.”

Hall never thought he would be involved with any news networks after leaving Radford. Never considering himself as a news savvy person, Hall thought it ironic for him to be working for such a politically driven network.  

When Hall first arrived at Radford, his major was undecided. He initially planned to obtain a degree in music, but changed course once he saw what the School of Communication had to offer. 

“For me it was the best thing. I still had my love for music, but production technology has different mediums within entertainment relating to music, with audio, radio, television and film,” Hall said. “I really think that was the mindset I had that really pushed me into that field.”

While at Radford, Hall broadened his academics within the School of Communication by taking electives in journalism in order to fully understand the spectrum of media entertainment, along with achieving a minor in history.  

Besides academics, Hall participated in student media. He was involved with Radford on Camera, then for Radio Free Radford for two years. Hall also worked for WVRU, a university hosted radio station. 

Hall believes that Radford and its professors paved the way for him to begin his career, and there were certain professors that really made a mark on his life. 

“Dr. Twange Kasoma really stood out for me because she was strict and taught me the importance of deadlines,” said Hall. “Dr. Joe Flickinger and Dr. West Bowers stick out in my mind as the two who really helped me throughout my time at Radford. I could always count on them and they gave me a realistic perspective of what to look forward to after graduation.”

 “My advice when it comes to finding work, post-college, specific to your career is to never get discouraged when you apply for jobs,” said Hall. “There is always a job out for anyone, and there is always an employer looking for somebody that you fit the profile for.”

Nov 2, 2016
School of Communication