New CHBS Ambassadors Ready to Make Their Mark

By Alexis Gardner and Alida Siebken

The School of Communication recently appointed three new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences ambassadors – Sydney Graf, Jada Bilikha and Kelly Hodor.

These students act as activists within the CHBS community and across campus for SOC students, staff and alumni. Hodor, Graf and Bilikha represent a variety of areas of study and are nominated by faculty members based on their outstanding contributions to Radford University.

Each ambassador is required to be a junior, be in good academic and conduct standing, have involvement in other clubs and organizations across campus as well as maintaining at least a 3.2 GPA.

Ambassador’s responsibilities range from aiding in commencement ceremonies, representing the college during Highlander Days, open houses and events to advocate for programs, assisting guest speakers when they arrive on campus and various other duties. Ambassadors help put the extra personal touch for the college and role models for fellow students. 

Hodor, Graf and Bilikha each view being a CHBS Ambassador to be a positive opportunity to encourage representation for the SOC, CHBS and the University and are eager to serve. 



Sydney Graf

Sydney Graf hopes to bring positivity, knowledge, and assistance within the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences with her role as an ambassador. Graf said, “I hope to have a positive influence on people like others at Radford have had on me.”

Graf is a transfer student and she said that since coming to Radford, she has really found her passions. “I have witnessed first-hand that "the reason is Radford." Radford and CHBS have helped so many succeed and grow. I have already accomplished many of my goals and I know being an ambassador will only help further me in my experience and skills to help accomplish more of my goals,” Graf said.

Graf describes herself as a dedicated and caring person who wants to help others succeed. She said that she is excited to be more involved at Radford and give back to programs that have given so much to her. 


Jada Bilikha

Choosing communication as a major wasn’t a hard choice for Jada Bilikha. “I’ve always been an extroverted individual and also enjoyed communicating with other people to get to a common ground,” Bilikha said.

With a goal of working in a PR firm, Bilikha sees being a CHBS Ambassador as a way to accomplish that goal. Bilikha said she will use this position to “…meet more people interested in my field coming to college and helping them understand what Radford has to offer and why it would be a great choice.”

Bilikha said she is very excited for this opportunity and happy to be noticed from the School of Communication.

Kelly Hodor

Radford wasn’t Hodor’s first choice for college. She said, “I remember move-in weekend and I don’t even think I was here for 24 hours before I knew I had made the right decision.” Now, three years later, Hodor says she doesn’t think she would’ve gotten the opportunities she’s had at Radford anywhere else. “Had I gone to a bigger school, the chances of me being selected for a position of this magnitude are much slimmer. I believe this opportunity will help me to strengthen my leadership skills and make me more desirable in the future when applying to jobs post-graduation,” Hodor said.

To Hodor, being a CHBS Ambassador means that she gets to represent her school. “It was a huge honor to even have my name nominated by faculty members, but to get the position was extremely humbling to know that people think I am capable of being a face of the largest college on Radford’s campus,” Hodor said. 

Nov 15, 2017
School of Communication