The Lab in CHBS 1005 to Get a Mac Computer Facelift This Fall

1005 lab
CHBS 1005 MAC Computer Lab

By Terell Bailey

The new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building has not only brought rave reviews for the University, but has also been an attraction centerpiece for prospective students.

With CHBS being state-of-the art it’s no surprise that this fall CHBS 1005 will be receiving new Mac computers. The order has been placed for 18 new Macs and they’re expected to arrive by the end of the semester with a projected installation date to be sometime during the summer.

Matthew Smith, the director of the School of Communication said, “If we are a pre-professional school we like to have technology that is current in the field.”

“I think it’s amazing that Radford has a system in place that monitors the equipment to make sure it doesn’t get outdated and also they’re committed to having technology for student use,” Smith added.

As far as funding for the computers goes, it will come from Radford University’s equipment budget rather than the School of Communication.

Although CHBS 1005 already has functional Macs, which students use, Radford has a three- to four-year cycle where it changes its equipment to continue to stay up-to date with technology.

Placing new Macs in CHBS 1005 was always the intent, but with the new building’s production schedule running a little longer than expected it delayed the ordering process. The Macs from the old lab in Porterfield were moved into CHBS 1005, while that space was turned into a new classroom.

Radford usually auctions off older generations of equipment but since the current Macs aren’t outdated, they will be recycled into either classrooms or faculty offices.

Although the majority of the classes in CHBS 1005 are COMS-based the lab will have other majors using it and it will also be open to students during available hours. 

Apr 4, 2017
School of Communication