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Mollie's Page

I was SO excited this Christmas!  Santa came to visit our house and this is what I found!


Toys in My SOCK!

Mollie found her stocking filled with new toys for Christmas!

I Got a Penguin!

Sitting on top of Mollie's stocking was a stuffed Penguin.  The poor thing only lasted about 45 minutes before it suffered a blow to its left side and began to severely lose stuffing and then its squeaker.  We are happy to report, though, that the carcass is still considered fair game.

Santa was VERY generous to me this Christmas, however, I think the big guy knows that I have been a VERY good girl this year.  Here is what he brought me:

  • Mini Classic Wafers in a trio of carob chip, peanut and vanilla
  • Snickerdoodles: real cinnamon and vanilla
  • Star Wafers: cranberry
  • Penguin and a new nylabone
  • Holiday-Snowball Wafers
  • tomato Soup & Cheese Wafers
  • Pup-Kin spiced Latte' treats
  • Beggin' for S'mores: mini marshmallow flavor wafers, graham cracker flavor wafers, carob wafers
  • Squeaker toys
  • a new pillow to chew on

I can't figure out which to play with first and I haven't yet tried all of my treats but all in good time!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!


Mollie's Sock 122513
Mollie's Treats from Santa #5
Mollie's Treats from Santa #4
Penguin & Nylabone
Mollie's Treats from Santa #2
Mollie's treats from Santa
New Pillow

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