Elementary Education

The elementary education teacher preparation program at Radford University recognizes its role in developing teachers who honor the strength and potential of the individual, the school and the community. Graduates are eligible for a Virginia preK-6th grade teaching license.


Radford University student Lauren Cerkez answers a question regarding a poetry project from fourth-grader Ethan Walker, student at Belle Heth School (Mrs. Frances Hunter's class)

Graduates of our program are recognized for:

  • Understanding of the importance of multiple perspectives in a multicultural world
  • Ability to use the backward design process in creating learning environments that meet the needs of diverse student populations
  • Commitment to intellectual curiosity and on-going professional development
  • Advocacy of technology as a tool to enhance learning in the classroom
  • Expertise in implementing research-based practices across the curriculum
  • Ability to develop linkages among parents, schools and communities

To accomplish outcomes, our program must:

  • Establish, maintain and strengthen partnership sites that provide rich contexts for learning
  • Aid teacher candidates in understanding their values, biases, beliefs, attitudes, and perspectives and how these impact students and teaching
  • Provide experiences that model "teachers as agents of change"
  • Model effective research-based practices

Career Abstract

Radford University has been preparing teachers since its establishment in 1910. In addition to preparing students to teach in a regular classroom, the program provides the foundation for continuing in such careers as school counseling, special education, curriculum development, principalship and supervision.

Since the program requires a major in interdisciplinary studies, students are also prepared for other careers requiring a broad liberal arts background, especially those in which they must demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. The department also offers a licensure program at the graduate level for those who have already earned a bachelor's degree in an academic discipline.