Proposed Doctoral Program

Radford University’s proposed Doctor of Education program in Education for School and Community Change is designed to prepare scholarly professionals with the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to successfully affect positive changes within schools and the communities they serve. Such changes reflect solutions to major problems facing many communities in the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond, including unacceptable dropout and illiteracy rates, gaps in student achievement, poor job preparation skills, drug abuse, malnutrition and a variety of other issues associated with socio-economic factors. Meeting the challenges of identifying such problems and proposing viable, effective solutions requires vision, purpose, creative thinking, scholarship, and the ability to foster collaboration between school and community leaders. Collectively, these personal and professional attributes define the overall goal of the proposed program.

A defining characteristic of this unique doctoral program is its commitment to authentic problem-solving and community impact. Doctoral students in the program will collaborate with school and community leaders to research, plan, implement, and evaluate responsive and innovative approaches to solving specific problems that impact the quality of life and, in many cases, the academic achievement of PK-12 learners. To define initiatives that directly impact classroom learning, doctoral students will select a concentration that further refines their approaches to school and community change. Mathematics, special education, literacy and educational leadership represent the specific concentrations that provide focus and vision to the work of individual doctoral students in the program.

Currently, this program is under development. For more information, please feel free to contact Dr. Kenna Colley.