Peace Studies Course Descriptions

PEAC 200 - Introduction to Peace Studies

Credits: (3)

Instructional Method: Three hours lecture.
Overview of the main issues and various interdisciplinary approaches to the study of peace.  Introduction to alternative paradigms for peace from local and interpersonal peace to global peace.  Introduction to a variety of peace orientations, including environmental, cultural, and governmental approaches.

Note(s): This course has been approved for Core Curriculum credit in Global Perspectives.  Also designated as a Scholar-Citizen course, which emphasizes experiential learning.

PEAC 300 – Special Topics in Peace Studies

Credits: (3)

Instructional Method: Three hours seminar.
Prerequisites: PEAC 200 or permission of instructor.

Concentrated study on specific areas (for example, non-violence: theory, practice, and advocates; environmental peace, sustainability, and development; women peace makers and their plight for equality; inner peace building and contemplative practices) in Peace Studies.  May be taken for credit as often as course content varies.  Content will be approved by the Peace Studies Advisory Committee.

PEAC 489 - Independent Study

Credits:  (1-6)

Instructional Method:  1 to 6 hours of independent study

Prerequisites:  PEAC 200 and permission of the student’s faculty mentor.

Student works closely with one member of the department who defines the requirements for the course which vary among instructors.  A topic of study is defined and the student works, largely independently, through the semester to research and report on the topic.

PEAC 498 – Senior Portfolio

Credits: (1)

Prerequisites: Enrollment in Peace Studies minor, senior standing.

Serves as the required capstone experience for students minoring in Peace Studies. Students will prepare a Senior Portfolio of work produced in previous courses and revised under the direction of the faculty mentor to demonstrate competence in the learning outcomes for the Peace Studies minor. Students will prepare a public presentation of one of these examples of work.