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“Hang Peace RU: Make Your Own Peace Flag”
September 2014
Sponsors: Peace Studies program and R-Space

Einstein wrote “Imagination is a preview of life’s coming attractions.” What we can imagine, we can create.  Students and faculty of the Peace Studies program at Radford University focus on imagining, understanding, creating, and being peace.  This event is in celebration of the 20 program years of Peace Studies at RU. Together these flags reflect our collective yearning for a just, kind, and loving world.   The “Hang Peace: Make Your Own Peace Flag” event at RU is based on the Prayer Flags of Tibet in which the tradition of hanging flags began more than 2,000 years ago.


Accompanied with Scholar Citizen, Radford University Peace Studies program proudly hosted Radford native Dr. John Reuwer, MD, physician, and Conflict Management Consultant on March 2-3, 2015 for a campus-wide multimedia event and intense workshop on topics surrounding nonviolence.  Emerging ideas on peace and conflict, violence and nonviolence were presented in a lively multimedia event titled, “Conflict in Perspective: Power to Create the World You Long For.”In the workshop, “Learn to Speak PEACE: Nonviolent Communication,” RU community attendees learned how to strengthen interpersonal and professional communication skills that promote positive healthy relationships.  Both events left audiences with the practical message of whether conflict enhances or diminishes our lives, ultimately depends on how we engage it.


With the sponsorship from the Scholar Citizen and Peace Studies Club, students enrolled in PEAC 300 (Nonviolence: Philosophy and Action) facilitated a campus-wide event on April 30, 2015 as part of their commitment to social pedagogy.  PEAC 300 students shared their knowledge on nonviolence in general, mindfulness meditation, and nonviolent communication. The events took place at two populous campus locations and involved making Peace Flags, handing out inspirational quotes relating to nonviolence, providing information on nonviolent communication (NVC) and mindfulness meditation, and connected with the attendees through a ‘Ring of Peace’ activity.