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Special Education, Adapted Curriculum K-12


Thank you for your interest in the severe disabilities endorsement program offered through Radford University and the statewide Severe Disabilities Consortium. Other members of the consortium include George Mason University, University of Virginia, Norfolk State University, and Virginia Commonwealth University. Although our coursework is delivered through a combination of hybrid and distance-learning approaches, we stress the importance of hands-on experiences. We use real-time, interactive, multipoint video conference and face-to-face instruction and interactive course management to build a single virtual “classroom” among participants at each of the five universities.

The consortium has a comprehensive website that will be of value to you in learning more about the program.

Persons interested in graduate coursework in severe disabilities have a number of options here at Radford University.

  • A master’s degree in Special Education with a concentration in severe disabilities.
  • Practicing teachers endorsed in elementary or special education take up to eight courses and corresponding practicum in severe disabilities, and receive endorsement in severe disabilities through Radford University.
  • Practicing teachers endorsed in mental retardation take two-three additional courses to add endorsement in severe disabilities. These individuals typically work with VDOE to add this endorsement. In addition to Characteristics and Teaching Strategies, we also highly recommend Curriculum and Assessment, Positioning and Handling, and Communication Strategies.
  • Any of the eight courses in severe disabilities can be used for professional development and recertification points with approval from your school district.
  • Graduate students in the High Incidence Disabilities master’s program take three or four additional courses to add endorsement in severe disabilities.
  • Persons with a bachelor’s degree but no licensure take up to 39 hours of coursework in education and severe disabilities and 6-9 hours of practicum and internship to obtain initial licensure in severe disabilities.
  • Any of the above persons who have successfully completed 6-9 hours of endorsement coursework in severe disabilities with grades of A’s or B’s, and who have applied and met the graduate school requirements for degree seeking students, may work towards a master's degree in special education with a concentration in severe disabilities. Only three additional courses in addition to the full endorsement program are needed for the masters.