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Approved Agencies

All students majoring in Recreation, Parks and Tourism must complete a 14-week (560 hours) internship as directed by the National Recreation and Park Association and American Association for Leisure and Recreation (NRPA/AALR) Council on Accreditation.  Upon successful completion of this experience, you will receive 12 credit hours.  This experience is considered by many educators and practitioners to be the most vital phase of professional preparation.  It provides you with the opportunity to make practical use of principles, methods, knowledge, and materials which have been developed or acquired in the academic program of study.  The application of theory in a practical setting gives meaning and fulfillment to the formal educational experience.

Your internship experience is done in a carefully selected agency under the supervision of an agency supervisor and a department internship supervisor.  Utilizing an agency internship survey form, the agency is screened and approved to meet departmental and accreditation requirements for an internship.  Approved and conditionally approved internship sites can be found through the following links.

Note: Recreation, Parks and Tourism majors must attain a 2.1 GPA overall and 2.5 GPA in the major for enrollment in RCPT 413 Professional Issues and RCPT 470 Internship.

Approved Internship Sites

* These are sites that would ONLY be available after a student in RCPT 413 has been approved to go out of the area or has demonstrated compatibility with internship goals and agency needs.