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Tourism Institute

Tourism Institute is designed to offer students in the Tourism and Special Events concentration outstanding opportunities for field-based learning in various locations both nationally and internationally.  The Tourism Institutes are five-week intensive courses that run in both the wintermester (over winter break) and maymester (after spring semester).  These courses combine classroom and place-based learning in locations such as France and the Florida Keys.  Students can earn up to 9 credits towards their 12 credit tourism concentration during one of these institutes.  We cover issues such as cultural immersion, sustainable tourism efforts, partnered learning opportunities, social and cultural exchange, development of personal travel ethics, French tourism trends, the cruise ship industry, and coastal and coral reef issues. Learn more


Radford University's Tourism Institute is a place-based, five-week course

Tourism Institute is typically offered in both the wintermester and the maymester in the RCPT department at Radford University.  Over winter break we often visit France, spending about 5 days in Paris and visiting world-renowned sites like the Louvre, L’ Arc de Triomphe, Versailles, Notre Dame, and several other sites throughout this remarkable city which is steeped deep in architectural, artistic, and cultural history.  We then take a train about 200 miles south to the Avergne region of France, with strong viticulture, recreation, and mountain influences.  Here we meet students with our sister university – Blaise-Pascal, and spend another 5 days in the quaint riverside city of Vichy, which is known for its healing spring waters, picturesque parks, and ideal climate.  During this course we cover topics such as tourism trends, economic impacts of tourism, travel ethics, cultural learning, tourism motivations, and cultural appreciation. 


Begining in May 2015 our maymester offerings will include a Florida Keys excursion where we will visit several different keys, and complete excursions to local attractions learning about marine mammals, coral reef management, beach use, and tourism trends.  During the Florida Keys course we will do several days of sailing aboard large yachts and visit remote area islands for a closer look at local fish, reefs, beaches and attractions and their interrelationships with local livelihoods.  Students will have opportunities to snorkel, swim, sail, sea kayak, and explore area beaches, viewing tourism from both a provider and end-user, developing a critical eye for sustainability issues and impacts culturally, economically, and ecologically.  This course will provide invaluable information and experience in marine-based tourism which has become one of the world’s most popular tourism industries and will cover topics such as tourism impacts and management, sustainable tourism, service industry response to demand, coastal tourism issues, protection of a diversity of experiences, and attraction and provision of tourism settings. 


Note: The Tourism Institute includes nine credit hours towards the Tourism and Special Events concentration

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many credits is the Tourism Institute?
A: The Tourism Institute (RCPT 481) is 9 credit hours for undergraduates. This can count for 9 of the 12 credits required for the Tourism and Special Events concentration.

Q: What are the costs for Tourism Institute?
A: For Tourism Institute there are fees beyond the standard tuition costs of 9 credits at RU.  Therefore, students pay the standard cost of 9 credits plus the course fee.  The course fees cover travel expenses, food and additional resources that are needed for your course. Typically the France course fees are around $4500 (includes airfare), and the Florida Keys are around $1500 (students are responsible for getting themselves to the start location in Islamorada, FL for Keys Excursion).  

Q: Who do I talk to about this to get additional information?
A: Dr. Joshua Carroll is the Tourism and Special Events Coordinator in RCPT – he should be able to answer most of your questions.  Contact Dr. Joshua Carroll.  For the France trip, Mrs. Katie Newman can answer several specific logistical questions.