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ESHE Field Work


This page is designed to answer questions about your field work class you will take as a senior.

ESHE 463 - Objectives Document for the Experiential Learning Opportunity

ESHE 463 - Planning for Your ESHE 363/463 Fieldwork Experiences

ESHE 463 - Internship Agreement Forms - Student and Site Forms

ESHE 364/463 - Work Log

ESHE 364/463 - Evaluations -
        Mid-Term Evaluation Form   Final Evaluation Form

ESHE 463 - Local Site Contact Information

ESHE 463 - As part of the mid-term evaluation for ESHE 463 students you will be asked to provide a photo tour of your site. Erin Michael has organized a fine example of what is expected in the photo tour. Make sure you appear in each photo.
          Photo Tour Example 1       Photo Tour Example 2