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Driver Education

Radford University offers a course sequence through the Department of Exercise, Sport, and Health Education that leads to an add-on endorsement in Driver Education. Upon successful completion of HLTH 410-Drivers Education Theory and HLTH 412-Driver Education-Driver Task Analysis (behind-the-wheel),  RU will recommend the add-on endorsement. HLTH 410 is usually taught in the evenings spring semester. HLTH 412 is usually taught as a condensed course during the summer. This course sequence is open to those who are currently teaching in Virginia or enrolled in a teacher preparation program.

Based on the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification agreement, candidates will be eligible for teacher licensure reciprocity with other states.

If you are interested or have questions, feel free to contact Dr. Monica Pazminio-Cevallos or Dr. Bill Zuti, at 540-831-5305.

If your school system is interested in training, Dr. Monica Pazimino-Cevallos, Dr. Bev Zeakes and Dr. Bill Zuti are qualified to conduct sessions and can be contacted at 540-831-5305.

If you want to be certified to teach driver education and are not a Radford University student or alumni, you must apply for admission as an undergraduate, graduate or special non-degree seeking student through the RU Admissions Office (540-831-5372) or Graduate College (540-831-5327). Undergraduate alumni apply through the Registrar’s Office (540-831-5271) as readmitted students.