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Dr. Jerry Beasley

Jerry Beasley

A member of the prestigious Black Belt magazine Hall of Fame, Dr. Jerry Beasley, 9th Dan, has earned the martial arts world’s highest distinction. Black Belt recognized him as "America’s foremost martial arts educator."  Kick Illustrated magazine called him "the published authority on American Karate." Professor Beasley graduated from VA Tech with a doctorate in Education Administration. He received the 1998 Distinguished Alumni Award from VA Tech’s Department of Sociology and is a three time recipient of Radford University’s College of Education and Human Development Outstanding Scholarly Activity Award. His books have included Mastering Karate (Human Kinetics), High-Risk Sparring (Beckett) and Dojo Dynamics: Essentials Marketing Principles for Martial Arts Schools (Black Belt Books).  In addition to the martial arts expertise he brings to the University, Dr. Beasley has served as coordinator for the ESHE Fieldwork program since 1988.

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540-831- 5713


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