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GA Information

Graduate Assistant (GA)

Academic programs recommend students for Graduate Assistantships. Academic Program Coordinators work closely with other faculty within their department when assigning assistantship duties. A GA can be awarded to a student to work within an academic department as a graduate teaching, research or administrative assistant.  It is expected that GA’s will primarily assist faculty with scholarly/creative activities or instruction, although there are some administrative GA’s housed within academic departments.  A GA must have no regular teaching responsibility. Alternatively, a Program Coordinator may assign a student to work outside the department assisting the staff in an administrative or advising office.  Supervisors in specific administrative or advising offices are allocated a set number of assistants from the Graduate College.  They then review the resumes of potential assistants who were assigned awards by their Coordinators/Directors and contact a qualified student directly to discuss the placement.  For both internal and external appointments, resumes are required as part of the Graduate Assistantship Application.  Regardless of whether a student is placed within or outside their home department, GAs must be allowed the flexibility to first attend to academics while fulfilling the expectations of their assignments. 

In order to receive a Graduate Assistantship, a student must be enrolled for at least 9 graduate credit hours, but no more than 14 graduate credit hours.  A student may be awarded an assistantship if enrolled for 15 hours – but no more - if one or more credits are part of a formal lab course, local practicum or local part-time internship.  The stipend for a GA assigned to work 20 hours per week is $8,000 for the academic year ($4,000 each semester).  A GA assigned to work for 15 hours per semester receives a stipend of $6,000 per academic year ($3,000 each semester).  A GA assigned to work for 10 hours per week receives a stipend of $4,000 per academic year ($2,000 each semester). 

Note that a GA contract may be awarded for a single semester (Fall or Spring) at the discretion of the Program Coordinator.  These awards are uncommon.

All new GAs appointed for the academic year must attend an orientation the day before the start of classes in the Fall.  All GA’s must be evaluated by their supervisor during the term they work (Fall, Spring, Summer).  The contract for a Fall or Spring GA runs from the day before classes begin till the last of day of classes in the term, respectively.

A very limited number of GA’s is available during the summer, many of which are allocated to such external offices as the Advising Centers. The application process is the same as for the regular academic year, except that Graduate Coordinators do not make assignments.  Supervisors of external offices are awarded a set number of assistantship hours.  They then review the resumes of potential assistants, contact and discuss their position with them, and make a recommendation to the Graduate College which shall then verify the student’s eligibility.  Summer Graduate Assistants must be enrolled for at least 6 semester hours (any combination of Maymester, Summer I, II and III). Registration for all 6 hours must be completed prior to the start of Maymester.  Summer GAs are paid as a function of whether they work 50 hours (for a total of $750), 100 hours (for a total of $1,500), 150 hours (for a total of $2,250), or 200 hours (for a total of $3,000) based on a schedule that accommodates both the student’s course requirements and the needs of the supervisor.  Most summer contracts are for Summer I.  A student may not work more than 20 hours per week, on average, for a summer assistantship. 

Contact the Graduate College for more information.

Graduate Assistant (GA) position in the Department of Counselor Education

The Graduate Assistant (GA) position in the Department of Counselor Education consists of providing assistance to faculty/staff and engaging in general office administration activities. Graduate Assistant’s works in collaboration with the Department Chair, faculty, and staff to assist in the academic functioning of the department.

Graduate Assistants are professionals, albeit apprentices, in the department. It is the GA’s responsibility to become familiar with the policies, procedures, and regulations that pertain to the functioning of the department. Each GA receives an individual assignment within the department to complement his/her academic course load and concentration area.

Graduate Assistants participate in the academic administration that include tasks related to their concentration area (program of study) or that will help them develop skills and experience related to their career direction in counseling. The appointment is primarily a learning experience and helps the student prepare for a professional career in counseling. The GA is given the opportunity to learn the functions of a professional as well as educational management, and research procedures. It is not expected that such an appointment be made to provide routine clerical support.

Graduate Assistants are directly supervised by the Department Chair. The Chair determines the assignment, supervises work, recommends reappointment, and is the primary source of information concerning the details of the assistantship.

A Graduate Assistant must be enrolled in a graduate degree program. Appointments are customarily made to those students who have shown superior aptitude and promise in the discipline of counseling and who appear likely to provide a high quality of service to the Department through their GA activities.


  • Works with the Department Chair to assist in the academic, programmatic, and office management of the department
  • Provides general assistance to faculty;
  • Assists and/or conduct research projects as determined by department faculty
  • Supports faculty research by collaborating and entering and analyzing data under faculty supervision;
  • Provides library and internet searches/research;
  • Provides general administrative assistance;
  • Assists in writing, e.g. accreditation and other report writing;
  • Helps faculty with course preparation;
  • Works collaboratively with other Graduate Assistants;
  • Works within the department for a specified number of hours per week (10, 15, or 20 hours)