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Main Archives

The Main Archives consist mainly of projects from classes that deal with Appalachian Studies, including Appalachian Literature, Appalachian and the Media, American Literature, Freshman English, Appalachian Cultures, Appalachian History, and other courses.  However, they also include have many donated copies of papers that have been presented at Appalachian Studies conferences over the past 25 years, and a variety of other essays, pamphlets, and publications. 

The projects are listed here in chronological order by the date they were catalogued.  There is a subject guide to the projects available at the Center.

  • 194.1.a
    "Reflections of Yesterday"
    A Collection of Folklore from Mrs. Craft's 3rd Grade Class
    Leadbetter, Jenny
  • 194.2.a
    "Compilation of Papers from Folklore Class"
    Various Authors
  • 194.3.a
    "Richness of Appalachian Culture: Autobiographical Strains in Harriette Arnow's Mountain Path"
    Helphinstine, Dr. Frances
  • 194.4.a
    "Tragedy at Hillsville: A Full-Length Play"
    Larson, Ronald M.
  • 194.5.a
    "Preliminary and Selectively Annotated Bibliography on Land Ownership and Property Taxation, with an Emphasis on Appalachia"
    Fisher, Steve
  • 194.6.a
    "Selective Bibliography on Appalachia, with an Emphasis on Political Economy"
    Fisher, Steve
  • 194.7.a
    "Highland History"
    A Collection From ENGL 132 gg, Radford University
    Various Authors
  • 194.8.a
    "Journey Through Appalachia"
    A Compilation by the Freshman Honors English Class
    Various Authors
  • 194.9.a
    "I Wonder As I Wander"
    A Compilation by Patrick County High School Class
    Various Authors
  • 194.10.a
    "Some Appalachian Short Stories: A Bibliography"
    Watts, Sue E.
    Berea College Workshop, 1973
  • 194.10.b
    "Exploring Appalachia: Exposure to Its Culture"
    A Resource Pool, A Research Project, A Study of Oral Tradition
    Edwards, Grace Toney
    Berea College Workshop, 1974
  • 194.10.c
    "Resources for the Study of Appalachia: Bibliography"
    Moser, Mabel Y.
    Berea College Workshop, 1974
  • 194.10.d
    "Source Book for Appalachian Music Studies"
    Moser, Joan
    Berea College Workshop, 1975
  • 194.10.e
    "Text for Quilting Kit"
    O'Dell, Diane
    Berea College Workshop
  • 194.10.f
    "Application of Appalachian Studies for Curriculum Enrichment"
    Bisset, Teresa M.
    Berea College Workshop, 1977
  • 194.10.g
    "Science and Appalachia"
    Price, Margaret Blair
    Berea College Workshop, 1977
  • 194.10.h
    "Introductory Course in Folk Music for Advanced Secondary Level"
    Hanby, Cathy
    Berea College Workshop, 1979
  • 194.10.i
    "Checklist of Novels Dealing with the Southern Appalachian Area for Grades 5-12"
    Houser, Shonna Sue
    Berea College Workshop, 1980
  • 194.10.j
    "Appalachian Literature and Culture: A Teaching Unit for High School Students"
    Brennan, Joan M.
    Berea College Workshop, 1981
  • 194.10.k
    "Community-Based Citizenship Education: A Goal for Junior High Appalachian Studies"
  • 194.10.l
    "Religious Folk and Folklike Music in Appalachia"
    Tallmadge, William
    Berea College Workshop
  • 194.11.a
    "Collection of Civil War Letters"
    By Thomas Winton Fisher of Wythe County, VA, Dated 1862-1865
    Hash, Casey
  • 194.12.a
    "Elderly in Appalachia: Plight or Privilege?"
    From Dr. Stephen Lerch's Sociology of Aging Class, Spring 1983, Radford University
    Parker, Molly
  • 194.13.a
    "Art of "Tatting" - Demonstrated at the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival (Oct. 1983)"
    Clark, Eileen M.
    For ENGL Appalachian Folklore, Fall 1983
  • 194.13.b
    "Shingle Making"
    Hutt, Jakki
    For ENGL Appalachian Folklore, Fall 1983
  • 194.14.a
    "ABC's of Appalachia"
    Various Authors,
    By Dr. Wagner's ANTH 411 Appalachian Cultures Class
  • 194.15.a
    "Bibliography of Appalachian Materials: McConnell Library 1981/1982"
  • 194.16.a
    "Atom, Appalachia, and the Cherokee: Seventh Annual Highland Summer Conference at Radford University, June 11-22, 1984"
  • 194.17.a
    "Humanizing Instruction from and Appalachian Standpoint"
    Hancock, Rebecca D.
    For Appalachian Studies 460
  • 194.18.a
    "Follow Up to the ABC's of Appalachia: A Study of Appalachian Studies in the Public Schools"
    Peck, Thelma
    Presented at App. Studies Conference, Helen, GA in 1984
  • 194.19.a
    "ABC's of Applachian Studies: University Students Write a Children's Book"
    By Melinda Bollar Wagner, and Laura Binder, Thelma Peck, Suzanne Polk, and Bobbi Willis
    Presented at App. Studies Conference, Helen, GA, 1984
  • 194.20.a
    "Tools and Their Use"
    David, John L.
    For Seminar In Appalachian Studies, Taught by Dr. Edwards, Spring 1984
  • 194.20.b
    "Problems of An Appalachian Education"
  • 194.20.c
    "They Can't Put It Back"
    Parker, Molly
    For Seminar In Appalachian Studies, Taught by Dr. Edwards, Spring 1984
  • 194.20.d
    "Project Evaluation for: Healing the Natural Way"
    Ward, Marrion W.
    For Seminar In Appalachian Studies, Taught by Dr. Edwards, Spring 1984
  • 194.20.e
    "Generations by Millard D.Covey"
    Covey, Millard
    For Seminar In Appalachian Studies, Taught by Dr. Edwards, Spring 1984
  • 194.21.a
    "Poetry 310: Fall 1984"
    Various Authors
  • 194.22.a
    "Booklet for Teaching the Mountain Empire"
    Miller, Dr. Linda H.
    Watauga County Schools, Boone, NC
  • 194.23.a
    "Beyond the ABC's of Applachia: A Book to Accompany the ABC's of Appalachia"
    Various Authors,
    For ANTH 411 Appalachian Cultures Class
  • 194.24.a
    "Supernatural Folklore: Ghosts and Witches"
    Stevens, Grover
  • 194.49.a
    "Robert Mize: Traditional Dulcimer Maker"
    Wheeling, Teresa
    For English 446
  • 194.49.b
    "River of Earth: The Play"
    A Thesis Proposal
    Wheeling, Teresa
  • 194.49.c
    "Across the Mountains: Appalachian Literature and the Unsuspecting Student"
    Wheeling, Teresa
    For 1988 App. Studies Conference
  • 194.50.a
    "Me and My Class"
    From Expository Writing 101 Section 50
    Various Authors
  • 194.50.b
    "Fire Won't Bend Everything: The Overlapping of Two Heroines"
    Edwards, Michael
    For ENGL 447
  • 194.51.b
    "Final Examination: Essay"
    Edwards, Michael
    For ENGL 447
  • 194.51.c
    "De(con)struction of the Literary Text: Good vs. Bad in 'The Mark'"
    Edwards, Michael
  • 194.52.a
    "Blue Ridge Folklife Festival Photographs, 1989."
    Moore, Marianne
    From 1989 Blue Ridge Folklife Festival
  • 194.53.a
    "Regional Realism"
    Fisher, Ruth
    From ENGL 580
  • 194.53.b
    "Mountain Magic: Storytelling in Word and Song"
    Vance, Judy
    From ENGL 580
  • 194.53.c
    "Keepers of the Folklore: Students and Teachers"
    Wingo, Wanda C.
    From ENGL 580
  • 194.53.d
    Brumfield, Verna B.
    From ENGL 580
  • 194.54.a
    "Caves and Karst of the New River Valley, Virginia"
    Guidebook for a Geologic Fieldtrip, Eighth Annual New River Symposium, Radford, Virginia
    Kastning, Ernst H.
    Also by Stephen W. Lenhart
  • 194.55.a
    "Appalachia, My Heritage"
    Turner, Joey
    From ENGL 102
  • 194.56.a
    "Montgomery County Story: The Black Sisters"
    Meredith, Regina
    From ENGL 540
  • 194.25.a
    "Diversity Is Beautiful Teaching Kit (Multi-Part)"
    Donated by Richard Dillingham, Mars Hill College, Mars Hill, NC, 1984
    Various Authors
  • 194.26.a
    "Memories of Breece"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • 194.27.a
    "Tommy Ingles: Child Captive, Indian Brave, Reacculturated Frontiersman"
  • 194.27.b
    "Elements of Romanticism in "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" and Morality and Volition in "Christmas Eve on Lonesome""
  • 194.27.c
    "Investigation Into Cultural and Environmental Exploitation As Seen in the Works of John Fox, Jr."
  • 194.27.d
    "Source Study in Authenticity: John Fox, Jr. and the Clashing Cultures"
  • 194.27.e
    "Resource Materials on John Fox, Jr."
  • 194.27.f
    "John Fox, Jr.: Personal and Family Letters and Papers Compiled by Elizabeth Fox Moore"
  • 194.27.g
    "John Fox and Tom Page As They Were"
  • 194.27.h
    "Journals of William Cabell Moore"
  • 194.28.a
    "Best Wishes: Bob Kramp (Uncle Mud) and Annie"
    Kramp, Bob
  • 194.29.a
    "Attempt to Define Children's Appalachian Fiction"
    Joyce, Connie
    For Introduction to Literary Scholarship
  • 194.29.b
    "Interviews With Lou Crabtree"
    Joyce, Connie
  • 194.29.c
    "Using the Interview Assignment: Strategies and Applications"
    Joyce, Connie
  • 194.30.a
    "Impact of the Urban Folk Revival of the Post-World War II Era on American Culture"
    Straw, Richard
  • 194.31.a
    "Short Stories of Emma Bell Miles"
    Stevens, Bonnie
    For Appalachian Literature
  • 194.32.a
    "Captivity and Escape of Mary Draper Ingles: Her Story Lives On"
    Binder, Laura C.
    For App. Studies Conference, Boone, NC, 1986
  • 194.33.a
    "Writing from Groundhog Mountain, 1986"
    Various Authors
    From Groundhog Mountain Writing Workshop
  • 194.34.a
    "Living the College Life in 1986 Style"
    Various Authors
  • 194.57.a
    "Blue Ridge Farm Study"
    Cox, Ricky
  • 194.58.a
    "Machines in Floyd County, Virginia Folklore"
    Cox, Ricky
    For American Folklore Society 1986 Annual Meeting in Baltimore, MD
  • 194.58.b
    "Used Parts and the Poetic Impulse: Machines as an Alternative Means of Expression"
    Cox, Ricky
    For 1988 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.58.c
    "Blue Ridge Folklife Festival as Systematic Cultural Intervention"
    Cox, Ricky
    For HIST 405
  • 194.58.d
    "Ferrum Folklife Festival Analysis"
    Cox, Ricky
  • 194.58.e
    "Government Regulations and Their Effects on the Grade C Dairy in Southwest Virginia"
    Cox, Ricky
  • 194.58.f
    "Traditional Music in Appalachian Folk Culture"
    Cox, Ricky
    For Appalachian Folklore Class
  • 194.58.g
    "Appalachia In the Sixties: Decade of Reawakening"
    Cox, Ricky
    For HIST 405
  • 194.58.h
    "We Be Here When the Morning Comes: Review and Analysis"
    Cox, Ricky
    For HIST 405
  • 194.58.I
    "Appalachian Studies and the Native Student: Resource or Refuge?"
    Cox, Ricky
    For 1986 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.58.j
    "Mechanical Metaphor: Machine and Tool Images In The Mountains Have Come Closer"
    Cox, Ricky
    For Appalachian Literature
  • 194.58.k
    "Spirit of the Mountains: A Critical Review"
    Cox, Ricky
    For Appalachian Literature
  • 194.58.l
    "Brier Sermon: Signpost in Appalachian Studies"
    Cox, Ricky
    For 1987 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.58.m
    Cox, Ricky
    For ENGL 580
  • 194.58.n
    "Jesse Stuart: Voice of the Appalachians"
    Cox, Ricky
    For ENGL 113
  • 194.60.a
    "Comparative Approach to Appalachia's Uniqueness: Arnow's 'The Dollmaker' and Steinbeck's 'Grapes of Wrath'"
    Cagle, Stephen D.
  • 194.59.a
    "Jesse Stuart's 'Daughter of the Legend'"
    Lanier, Parks, Jr.
  • 194.61.a
    "Religious Free Thinkers in the Southern Mountains"
    Weaver, Henry J.
    For 1990 Appalachian Studies Conference, Helen, GA
  • 194.35.a
    "Crossings: Into Twentieth-Century Appalachia"
    Various Authors,
    From ANTH 411, Appalachian Cultures, Spring 1986
  • 194.36.a
    "Family Linen and Oral History: Are There Similarities?"
    Rice, Regina
    From ENGL 447, Appalachian Literature, Spring 1987
  • 194.37.a
    "Sweet Hollow: Stories Through Lou Crabtree's Eyes"
    Cagle, Stephen D.
    From ENGL 447, Appalachian Literature, Spring 1987
  • 194.38.a
    "Tom Barr: Instrument Maker"
    Reid, Maureen
    From ENGL 446, Appalachian Folklore
  • 194.38.b
    "Review of The Pioneers by James Fenimore Cooper"
    Reid, Mosie
  • 194.39.a
    "Dialogue With a Dead Man: Jim Wayne Miller Critical Study"
    Sharp, George W.
    From ENGL 447, Appalachian Literature, Spring 1987
  • 194.40.a
    "Harriet Arnow's Assessment of Appalachia's Role in the Industrialization of the United States"
    Couillard, Ted
    For App. Studies Conference, Johnson City, TN, 1987
  • 194.41.a
    "Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: A Mountain Passage"
    Silveri, Louis D.
  • 194.42.a
    "Quilting: History, Stories, Heritage"
    Austin, Sonya Leigh
  • 194.42.b
    "Home Remedies"
    Hollandsworth, Diane
  • 194.42.c
    "Strengthening the Ties That Bind"
    Keith, Jennifer
  • 194.42.d
    "Step Back in Time on Smithfield Plantation"
    Robinson, Amy
  • 194.42.e
    "Awareness of Appalachian Heritage Project"
    Yopp, Phyllis
  • 194.43.a
    "Spotlight on Local Lore: Feeling Into Form"
    A Slide and Tape Presentation on the Folklore of Salem, Virginia
    Various Authors
  • 194.43.b
    "Passing the Lore to Our Younguns': A Bibliography of Southern Culture"
    Campell, Mary
    Also Janet Dishon, East Salem Elementary, Salem, VA
  • 194.44.a
    "Essay Re: Jim Wayne Miller"
    Catron, Rhonda
  • 194.44.b
    "Thesis Proposal: Jim Wayne Miller's Work"
    Catron, Rhonda
  • 194.44.c
    "More Things Change: First Version"
    Catron, Rhonda
  • 194.44.d
    Catron, Rhonda
  • 194.44.e
    "On Brier, His Book"
    Catron, Rhonda
  • 194.44.f
    "Interview With Jim Wayne Miller"
    Catron, Rhonda
  • 194.45.a
    "America's Appalachia: Play Script"
  • 194.46.a
    "Intercultural Factors Affecting Access to Legal Aid: Improving Appalachian Women's Lives"
    Stanwitz, Sandra L.
    COPY 1
  • 194.47.a
    "Love of Place, Love of Home"
    Asbury, Jo Ann
    For Appalachian Literature Class
  • 194.47.b
    "Appalachian Man: The Forgotten Hero"
    Asbury, Jo Ann
    For English 500
  • 194.47.c
    "Pattern That Endures: Marilou Awiakta's Love of Place"
    Asbury, Jo Ann
    For 1988 App. Studies Conference
  • 194.48.a
    "Spirit of the Mountains: A Critique"
    Cox, Paul
    For Appalachian Literature
  • 194.62.a
    "She Do the Police in Different Voices: Alterity, Polyophony, and Presence by Erasure in Lee Smith's 'Oral History'"
    Cunningham, Rodger
    From Sue Bennett College, London, KY
  • 194.63.a
    "Cultural Influences on Appalachian Mountain Oral English"
    Anderson, Terry
    For Appalachian Seminar, 1990
  • 194.63.b
    "Seminar In Appalachian Studies: Research Paper"
    Grubbs, Marilyn Timberlake
    For Appalachian Seminar, 1990
  • 194.64.a
    "Realization in Appalachia"
    Lawson, Melanie
  • 194.65.a
    "Anything Will Bend If You Put Enough Fire To It: Coal Mining Effects on Appalachia in Denise Giardina's 'Storming Heaven'"
    LaPresto, Brigitte
    Pikeville College
  • 194.65.b
    "Appalachian Craftsmen: An Oral History"
    Whitson, Mont
    For 1983 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.65.c
    "Some Thoughts on Science and Technology in Appalachia"
    Willoughby, J. Ronald
    For 1985 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.65.d
    "Images of Appalachia in Tourist Literature: Commercialization of Cultural Difference?"
    Various Authors,
    For 1985 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.65.e
    "Institutions and Appalachia: Towards A General Model"
    Shannon, Thomas R.
    For 1985 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.65.f
    "Significance of the Ingles' Ferry in the Settling of the Appalachian Region"
    Binder, Laura C.
    For 1985 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.65.g
    "Blue Ridge Parkway and Its Effects on Local People"
    Burnette, Kimberly Ann
    For 1985 Blue Ridge Parkway Conference at ASU
  • 194.65.h
    "Dialect Effects in Appalachian Students' Written Compositions"
    Eller, Rebecca Gaeth
    For 1986 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.65.I
    "Intercultural Factors Affecting Access to Legal Aid: Improving Appalachian Women's Lives"
    Stanwitz, Sandra L.
    For 1988 Appalachian Studies Conference--COPY 2
  • 194.65.j
    "Tale of Red Emmy: An Irish Witch in Appalachia"
    Wagaman, Gena D.
    For 1988 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.66.a
    "Abstracts of Papers: New River Symposium 1988"
    Various Authors,
    Held in Oak Hill, WV
  • 194.67.a
    "Early Appalachian Photographers: The Works of William Barnhill and Margaret Morley"
    A Presentation to the National Council on Public History Conference
    Straw, Richard A.
  • 194.68.a
    "Prayers of My Life"
    Richmond, Jane Elizabeth
  • 194.99.u
    "Occupational Status of Appalachian Migrant Women"
    Watkins, Virginia McCoy
    For 1982 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.99.v
    "Notes on Voluntary Service: Networking and Community Building"
    Plaut, Thomas
    For 1982 Appalachian Studies Conference
  • 194.99.w
    "Women in Appalachian Education: An Initial Inquiry"
    Scott, Ruth
  • 194.101.a
    "APPALKIDS Activity Book 1989-1990"
  • 194.100.a
    "Listen to the Small Voice: A One-Act Play"
    Graham, Joyce L.
  • 194.101.b
    "APPALKIDS: American People Presenting Appalachian Life Through Kids in Dramatic Skits"
  • 194.102.a
    "Selu: Dream and Harvest"
    Bowles, John H.
  • 194.103.a
    "William Gayheart: Pencil Artist"
    Long, Sharon
    Submitted to 'Blue Ridge Country' Magazine
  • 194.104.a
    "Teaching Unit on the Oral Tradition in Appalachia"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • 194.105.a
    "Journal of a Voyage from Ireland to the United States"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.b
    "Education for Mutual Understanding in the Northern Ireland Curriculum: Policies, Progress, and Problems"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.d
    "Curriculum (Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets in History) Order (Northern Ireland) 1991"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.e
    "Course Syllabi: Various Subjects"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.f
    "Guidance Materials: Various Subjects"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.g
    "Information Brief on Education in Northern Ireland"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.h
    "Cross-Community Contact Scheme 1992-1993"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.I
    "Education Reform: What It Means to You"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.j
    "Scope of the Northern Ireland Curriculum: Support Materials 1 & 2"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.k
    "Education for Mutual Understanding: A Guide"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.l
    "Envrionmental Education: A Guide for Teachers"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.m
    "Thinking European: Ideas for Integrating a European Dimension into the Classroom"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.n
    "Plantations: Experiences of Colonization in the 17th Century (1 Audio Cassette)"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.o
    "Law in Our Lives"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.c
    "European Dimension and Initial Teacher Training-Projects, Problems, and Plans"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.105.p
    "Four Videos??"
    Don Alexander Collection
  • 194.106.a
    "Thomas Lafayette Felts: The Man Behind the Agency"
    Dunkley, Anne P.
  • 195.1.a
    "Aerial Photographs of Selu Conservancy"
  • 195.1.b
    "Selu Conservancy: Plant Voucher Identification"
    Mitchell, Sandra
    With Dr. Edwin Everham
  • 195.2.a
    "Enduring Voice: Celtic Influences on the Appalachian Ballad 'Black Jack Davy' (Child #200)"
    Plaster, J. Scott
  • 195.3.a
    "Appalachia and the Media: Mining in Appalachia"
    Cox, Tammie
    For APST 460
  • 195.3.b
    "Effects of Stereotyping on Children"
    Hager, Deborah
    For APST 460
  • 195.3.c
    "Appalachia and the Media: On the Road"
    Hovermale, John R., Jr.
    For APST 460
  • 195.3.d
    "Appalachian Baskets Now and Then"
    McKellar, Claudia
    For APST 460
  • 195.3.e
    "Early History of Country Music"
    Schooler, Patricia
  • 195.3.f
    "Friday Night Jamboree: Keeping Traditions Alive (Drawings, Photos, Audio Cassette)"
    (Includes 1 Audio Cassette and Photographs)
    Linkous, Sam L.
    For APST 460
  • 195.4.a
    "Grateful Dead and Appalachian Culture"
    Bibb, Todd
  • 195.4.b
    "Jesse Stuart"
    Billingsley, Beverley Price
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.c
    "Circle of Despair and Escape in 'The Stories of Breece D J Pancake'"
    Bowman, J.M. Stuart
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.d
    "Denise Giardina: Reality in Fiction"
    Fitzgerald, Jennifer
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.e
    "Weaving the Web of Appalachian and Cherokee History"
    Johnson, Nancy
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.f
    "Gurney Norman and 'Kinfolks: The Wilgus Stories'"
    Jones, Elizabeth A.
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.g
    "Coal Miner's Monthly"
    Landreth, Christy
  • 195.4.h
    "Homeplace: When I Leave Here, Oh Who Will I Be?"
    Linkous, Sam L.
  • 195.4.I
    "Liquid Reality of Donald Secreast's Stories"
    Lucas, Laura
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.j
    "Life of an Appalachian Coal Miner: A Comparison of the Coal Mines of 1900 and 1995"
    Mullins, Sindy
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.k
    "Feminist Reading of Denise Giardina's 'Storming Heaven' and 'The Unquiet Earth'"
    Nelson, Sherri Leigh
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.l
    "Reality vs. Representation: Lee Smith's 'Black Mountain Breakdown'"
    Owens, Nicole
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.m
    "Dr. Donald Secreast---An Appalachian Author: Critical Review of 'White Trash, Red Velvet'"
    Paske, Jennifer
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.n
    "Spirit of Ray"
    Sadler, Hallie
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.4.o
    Vaughan, Angela D.
    For ENGL 447
  • 195.5.a
    "Dry Stone Dykery in the Scotch-Irish Tradition"
    Dishon, Clay
    For ENGL 5857 (Appalachian-Scottish Studies Program)
  • 195.6.a
    "Mileposts and More: The Blue Ridge Parkway"
    Burnette, Kimberly
    Also Pamela Frye,  For Appalachian Cultures Class
  • 195.7.a
    "Curing the Disease---Not Treating the Symptoms"
    Pulaski County, Virginia
    Vaughan, Angela D.
  • 195.8.a
    "It May Not Be Heaven, But It's Close: Land and People in Craig County, Virginia"
    Various Authors
  • 195.9.a
    "History of the Bowles Family"
    Farquhar, Thomas
    Oversize Box 2
  • 195.10.a
    "Tom Ramsden: Toy Maker"
    Cox, Tammie
    Folklife Festival Papers, ENGL 446, Dr. Grace Tone
  • 195.10.b
    "Daniel Womack: Storyteller"
    Everett, Julia
    Folklife Festival Papers, ENGL 446, Dr. Grace Toney Edwards
  • 195.10.c
    "Dough Bowls (Includes 1 Video Cassette)"
    Hancock, Carol E.
    Folklife Festival Papers, ENGL 446, Dr. Grace Toney Edwards