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Folklife Activities (S-Z)

Social Deviance

  • FA.184.446.3
    Appalachian Graffiti
    Clatterbuck, Krista K.
  • FA.187.446.3
    Courthouse Shootout and the Sidney Allen Home, The
    Bays, Debbie
  • FA.196.548.1
    Dying Art?, A: A Family Affair--Generational Observations on Moonshining
    Brooks, Shannon
  • FA.184.446.11
    Hillsville Courthouse Shooting, The: Still a Living Legend
    Saunders, Cynthia
  • FA.188.446.3
    Just a Way of Life: The Art of Moonshining
    Austin, Sonya
  • FA.193.548.2
    Memories of a Tragedy
    Dalton, Susan M.
  • FA.182.446.9
    Kreglo, James D.
  • FA.188.446.10
    Moonshining and a Fifth-Generation Traditionalist
    Rademacher, Ardith Ann
  • FA.196.446.13
    Moonshining, Murder, and Madness
    Mullins, Amy
  • FA.199.446.7
    Steve Epperly, A Local Legend
    King, Nicole

Sociology (see also Lifestyle)

  • FA.194.548.6
    Adult Children of Coal Mining Heritage
    Green, Courtney
  • FA.193.446.9
    Antique Tales
    Nicklin, B.J.
  • FA.197.548.7
    Appalachia Today: The Rise of Mass Consumerism and the Threat to the Individual
    Read, Matthew
  • FA.194.446.1
    Appalachian Migrants: Going Back "Down Home"
    Biedler, Charles J.
  • FA.195.446.17
    Auction in Appalachia
    Wright, Beau K.
  • FA.198.446.7
    Auctions: A Traditional Way of Selling
    Crowgey, Judy
  • FA.198.548.2
    Coal Mining in Appalachia: A Family Tradition
    Moore, Stephanie Rachel
  • FA.194.446.10
    Dusting the Earth
    Hatcher, J. Patrick
  • FA.197.548.3
    Giles County Poorfarm, The: Telling the Paupers' Stories
    Loveland, Louise Devine
  • FA.198.446.4
    Growing Up in Coal Dust: An Account of Life in a Coal Mining Camp in Inman, Virginia
    Collier, Jessica Paige
  • FA.199.446.3
    Growing Up on Orphanage Road: The Orphanage at Foster Falls, VA: The Children's Story
    Eley, Donia S.
  • FA.197.446.1
    Happiness and Hardship: A Day in the Life of a Coal Miner
    Breeding, Amanda
  • FA.193.446.3
    Life in Appalachia
    Buss, Laura
  • FA.198.548.1
    Life In Appalachian America: A Study of Boarding House Life in the Coal Camps
    Hagenrater, Amy
  • FA.194.548.1
    Life in the Coal Camps: The Perspective of a Miner's Wife
    Barry, Joyce
  • FA.191.446.10
    Mennonites in the Shenandoah Valley
    Moore, Jenny
  • FA.193.446.7
    Myth of Appalachia, The: The Outside View vs. the Inside View
    Dunkley, Anne P.
  • FA.193.548.4
    Railroad and the Men of Steam
    Peters, John W.
  • FA.196.548.13
    Role of Women in Coal Mining Communities, The
    Nelson, Sherri
  • FA.195.446.12
    Steele Family Migration, The: The Reasons Behind the Steele Migration into Urban Areas
    Shifflett, Amy
  • FA.190.446.19
    Stories of Transient Appalachian Familes
    Shannon, Helen
  • FA.196.548.7
    When the Mountains Were the Mountains
    Jessup, Greg
  • FA.197.548.2
    Where the Men Meet: Tales of a Wytheville, Virginia Gas Station
    Burris-Stanley, Theresa

Songs and Ballads (see also Folklore, General and Music)

  • FA.0.548.1
    Appalachian Compilation
    Martin, Lewis
  • FA.195.446.8
    Continuance of Oral Transmission of Mountain Music
    Laswon, Melanie
  • FA.0.446.4
    Folk Music for Elementary Students
    Lam, Sue
  • FA.191.446.16
    John Henry: Folksong and Legend
    Stewart, Kevin
  • FA.197.548.4
    Mountain Melodies: Songs of Appalachia
    Melius, Maria M.
  • FA.189.446.6
    Music of the Mountains
    Lankford, Rani
  • FA.184.446.8
    Oral Transmission of Traditional Ballads: A Continuing Cycle or a Dying Phase?
    Milstead, Heidi
  • FA.186.446.6
    Searching the Rails
    Watson, Steve
  • FA.196.548.12
    The Story Has to Be Told: Coal Mining Songs in Appalachia
    Linkous, Sam L.

Supernatural, The (Including Superstitions)

  • FA.186.446.1
    Appalachian Ghosts
    Barton, Constance Sue
  • FA.189.446.9
    Belief Without Proof: Faith in the Irrational
    McLean, Erica
  • FA.190.446.11
    Beliefs and Stories of the Supernatural
    Hoots, Amy H.
  • FA.191.446.22
    Black Sisters, The
    Yearick, Ann
  • FA.199.446,9
    Black Sisters, The
    Micielli, Shannon
  • FA.199.548.8
    Boogers, Haints, Ghosties and Things That go Bump-In-The-Night: A Creepy Appalachian Folk Culture Project
    McDonald, Jami
  • FA.185.446.4
    Brief Look at Some Wedding Traditions and Superstitions, A
    Fox, Kathryn M.
  • FA.182.446.7
    Gardening By the Signs
    Johnson, Patricia E.
  • FA.184.446.2
    Ghosts and Other Strange Happenings in Appalachia
    Burnette, Kimberly Ann
  • FA.199.446.10
    Ghost Stories You Ain't Heard Yet From Russell County, Virginia
    Owens, David
  • FA.181.452.6
    Haints, Omens, and Other Affairs of Everyday Living
    Robinson, Sharon Denise
  • FA.198.446.10
    Haunted Houses of Virginia
    Garrison, Faith
  • FA.195.446.3
    Haunting of Christiansburg Middle School and Mountain Lake Hotel, The
    Everett, Julia
  • FA.188.548.6
    Ladies of Ingleside, The
    Phillips, Martha Giesen
  • FA.199.446.6
    Local Legend, A: The Sisters In Black
    Hill, Jennifer
  • FA.192.446.2
    Lexington Haunted Houses and Stories from the People Who Have Lived in Them
    Edwards, Stephanie
  • FA.190.446.9
    Max Meadows: Valley Of Contention and Strife
    Gibson, Rhonda
  • FA.193.446.16
    Myths, Legends, and Ghosts of Harpers Ferry
    Yowell, Lisa
  • FA.195.446.2
    Riggins' Haunted House, The
    Dalton, Anita Diane
  • FA.199.446.7
    Steve Epperly, A Local Legend
    King, Nicole
  • FA.190.548.2
    Stories of Untraditional Hauntings
    Barber, Michael S.
  • FA.192.446.13
    Stories, Superstitions, and Tales of Scott County
    Quillen, Joy
  • FA.182.446.13
    Supernatural Folklore: Ghosts, Witches and Cures
    Stevens, Grover
  • FA.193.446.12
    Supernatural in Appalachia, The
    Taylor, Kimberly
  • FA.185.446.5
    Supernatural Legends in Wytheville
    Mabe, Candice Renee
  • FA.184.446.6
    Hutt, Jakki
  • FA.192.446.22
    Zollman, Julie
  • FA.188.446.13
    Superstitions and Other Supernatural Folklore
    Wyatt, Brad
  • FA.191.446.14
    Superstitions: A Way of Life
    Price-Rector, Melissa
  • FA.192.446.20
    Tales of Ghosts, Unusual Events, and the Supernatural
    Turner, Althea
  • FA.199.548.6
    Things Unnatural: Tales of Witches, Haunts, Dreams, Healing Powers, and Supersitions
    Hale, Tempi
  • FA.193.446.13
    Three Evil Sisters in Black
    Wills, J. Travis

Threadwork and Fabricwork

  • FA.189.446.11
    Inkle Loom Weaving
    Moore, Mariane E.
  • FA.196.548.8
    Tatting, A Dying Art, As Practiced by Ruth Gardner Slusher
    Keith, Janet S.
  • FA.194.446.8
    Gentry, Pamela
  • FA.194.446.6
    Donnelly, Christina M.
  • FA205.648.1
    We're Not So Different After All:  A Comparison of the Southern and Appalachian Cultures and the Stereotypes that Surround Them
    Tiffany Lynch
  • FA205.648.2
    "Hooked: The Tradition of Crochet"
    Donna Ogle

Women's Studies

  • FA.194.548.7
    Appalachian Eye: An African-American View
    Greiner, Rae
  • FA.195.446.6
    Appalachian Values in the Home
    Harlow, Shannon
  • FA.191.446.18
    Appalachian Women, Religion, and Change
    Turner, Wendy L.
  • FA.191.446.7
    Aunt Orlena Puckett and Midwifery in Southwest Virginia
    Martin, Richard D.
  • FA.191.446.13
    Autobiographical Portrait
    Osborn, Gayle R.
  • FA.194.548.9
    Get Me a Glass of Iced Tea, Honey!: The Appalachian Woman--Opression or Equality?
    Roach, Kara Rayanne
  • FA.191.446.17
    Legendary Caty Sage, The
    Sutherland, Mary Lee
  • FA.187.446.9
    Life & Times of Mary E. Tate
    Moore, Rebecca Ruth
  • FA.193.446.3
    Life in Appalachia
    Buss, Laura
  • FA.199.548.3
    Life in Appalachia During the Early Twentieth Century: The Story of Rosa Belle Catron Combs
    Combs, Myra
  • FA.191.446.19
    Life of Mallisia Surface, The
    Twitchell, Tony
  • FA.198.446.5
    Memories of Janette Carter, The: The Preservation of Old Mountain Sound
    Collins, Jeremy
  • FA.195.446.7
    Midwifery, Then and Now
    Jones, Julie
  • FA.194.446.9
    Oldest Daughter
    Green, Kimberly
  • FA.193.446.6
    Oral History: Rosa Montgomery Bain
    Dean, Laura L.
  • FA.194.548.11
    Our Courage Is Our Memory: A Narrative of Four Generations
    Short, Honey Sue
  • FA.196.548.13
    Role of Women in Coal Mining Communities, The
    Nelson, Sherri
  • FA.187.446.5
    Shirley McPeak: Appalachian Values and Whittling
    Cagle, Stephen D.
  • FA.199.548.4
    Women's Roles in Twentieth Century Appalachia
    Dumin, Laura
  • FA.194.548.4
    Women's Words
    Crouse-Powers, Amy J.


  • FA.182.446.12
    Arthur Conner Fiddle, The
    Richards, Charles H.
  • FA.183.452.2
    Chair Caning
    Baber, Sandra L.
  • FA.197.446.2
    Creators of Folk Music Instruments, The
    Hoover, Frances C.
  • FA.196.446.11
    Floyd County Instrument Maker
    Morgan, Rebecca M.
  • FA.194.446.16
    Furniture Making
    Stanley, Hayley
  • FA.190.446.6
    Great Bounty of Chuck Housel and the Appalachian Mountains, The
    Derrickson, Tiffany B.
  • FA.186.446.7
    Homes and Heirlooms from Newport, Virginia: A Study of Material Lore
    Williams, Tony
  • FA.196.446.7
    Sawmill, A Lost Art
    Jeffers, Jennifer
  • FA.187.446.5
    Shirley McPeak: Appalachian Values and Whittling
    Cagle, Stephen D.
  • FA.193.446.2
    Whittling and Other Woodworking in Appalachia
    Bullock, Shelby A.
  • FA.182.446.1
    William W. Stayton's Woodworking Folkcraft
    Blankenship, Rose Marie
  • FA205.648.2
    "There's No Place Like Home:  Appalachian Homes and Their Role in the Culture"
    Rhonda Hawley