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Audio Recordings

Below is a list of audio recordings that are available at the Appalachian Regional & Rural Studies Center.  We are currently in the process of cataloguing record albums.

Most of the recordings are available for checkout.


  • AUDIO/CASS: BL550.A1S63.0000.1
    "Snake Handling"
  • AUDIO/CASS: BL550.NPR1S62.1992.1
    "Snake Handling: From 'Frescoes' on National Public Radio"
    National Public Radio, WVTF
  • AUDIO/CASS: BL660.JL1H57.1982.1
    "History of Region and Religion"
    Jones, Loyal
  • AUDIO/CASS: BL660.WC1A66.0000.1
    "Appalachian Religion"
    Williams, Cratis
  • AUDIO/CASS: CS42.WC1A66.1978.1
    "Appalachian Story, The"
    Williams, Cratis


  • AUDIO/CASS: CT21.VD1I57.0000.1
    "Interview with Darlene Van Dyke About Melissa Surface"
    Van Dyke, Darlene
  • AUDIO/CASS: CT21.WJ1CL37.1992.1
    "Clara Moss Williams' Journal: Williams-Fletcher Family Oral History"
    Williams, Jessica

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  • AUDIO/CASS: DA750.MM1S36.1993.1
    "Scottish Emigrants: Tiree to Canada by Maggie McKay"
    McKay, Maggie
  • AUDIO/CASS: DA900.AD1N67.1994.1
    "Northern Ireland, The Troubles and Peace"
    Alexander, Donald
  • AUDIO/CASS: E99.C5A95.1.1993.2
    "Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother's Wisdom (TAPE 1)"
    Awiakta, Marilou
  • AUDIO/CASS: E99.C5A95.1.1993.1
    "Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother's Wisdom (TAPE 1)"
    Awiakta, Marilou
  • AUDIO/CASS: E99.C5A95.2.1993.2
    "Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother's Wisdom (TAPE 1)"
    Awiakta, Marilou
  • AUDIO/CASS: E99.C5A95.2.1993.1
    "Selu: Seeking the Corn Mother's Wisdom (TAPE 2)"
    Awiakta, Marilou
  • AUDIO/CASS: F206.JL1H57.1982.1
    "History of Region"
    Jones, Loyal
  • AUDIO/CASS: F217.MM1O72.1974.1
    "Oral History Project by Mike Mullins"
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.CMM1S44.1991.1
    "Selu Interviews: Mr. And Mrs. Carroll, TAPE 1"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.CMM2S44.1991.1
    "Selu Interviews: Mr. And Mrs. Carroll, TAPE 2"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DH1S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Hobert Duncan, TAPE 1"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DH2S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Hobert Duncan, TAPE 2"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DN1S44.1992.1
    "Selu Interviews: Nellie Duncan"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DR1S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Roby Dickerson, TAPE 1"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.DR2S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Roby Dickerson, TAPE 2"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.KK1S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Kermit Kenley"
    Leftwich, Christi
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.PJ1R45.1994.1
    "Remembering Life in Dry Valley in the 1920's and Later: TAPE 1"
    Peterson, John
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.PJ2R45.1994.1
    "Remembering Life in Dry Valley in the 1920's and Later: TAPE 2"
    Peterson, John
  • AUDIO/CASS: F221.SFD1S44.1990.1
    "Selu Interviews: Frank and David Sale"
    Leftwich, Christi

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  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.BA1G87.1992.1
    "Gussin' Up"
    Belcher, Anndrena
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.BA1P74.1994.1
    "Princess Witch"
    Belcher, Anndrena
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.DD1D62.1997.1
    "Dr. York, Miss Winnie, and the Typhoid Shot"
    Davis, Donald
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.DD1J32.1997.1
    "Jack and Granny Ugly"
    Davis, Donald
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.DD1S72.1997.1
    "Stanley, the Easter Bunny"
    Davis, Donald
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.HD1H34.1981.1
    "Hairyman and Other Wild Tales, The"
    Holt, David
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.JL1O72.1974.1
    "Oral Tradition, The (Tales, Ballads, and Songs), Part I and (B) Appalachian Literature"
    Jones, Loyal
    Wilma Dykeman
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.JL2O72.1974.1
    "Oral Tradition, The (Tales, Ballads, and Songs), Part II and (B) The Folk Tale (Jack Tales)"
    Jones, Loyal
    Dr. Leonard Roberts
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.JL3R42.0000.1
    "Readings by Folklorist Loyal Jones and Musical Selections by the Donovan Family"
    Jones, Loyal
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.MC1S64.0000.1
    "Spinning More Magic"
    McConnell, Doc
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.OB1F64.1981.1
    "Folk Arts in Appalachia, Blanton Owen and Jay Reese"
    Owen, Blanton
    Reese, Jay
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.VA1TH73.0000.1
    "Three Mountain Tales"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.WC1A66.1978.1
    "Appalachian Folklore: Superstitions and Folktales"
    Williams, Dr. Cratis
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.WC1C37.1995.1
    "Cat Tales: Appalachian Stories and Songs"
    White, Cat
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR1.WN1S76.1981.1
    "Storytelling of Ninevah Willis"
    Willis, Ninevah
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR111.FN1H65.0000.1
    "Home Remedies: Interviews with Rita Sizemore Riddle"
    Felicione, Nicole
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR111.FN2H65.0000.1
    "Home Remedies: Interviews with Lynnie Felicione"
    Felicione, Nicole
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR420.BA1B76.0000.1
    "Brown Family's Collection of Monster Lore, The"
    Brown, Alice
    Ben, Harry, Jenny
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR420.HJ1S97.0000.1
    "Sut Loving Good: Appalachian Tricksters"
    Higgs, Jack
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR420.JL1M66.1975.1
    "Monsters in the Oral Literature of Appalachia by Loyal Jones"
    Jones, Loyal
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR420.WS1R34.1986.1
    "Railroad Stories and Ballads"
    Watson, Steve
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR450.VA1S36.0000.1
    "Scottish Stories and Songs"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR450.WD1M37.1987.1
    "Mary and the Seal and Other Folktales: Traditional Scottish Storytelling"
    Williamson, Duncan
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR450.WD1M37.1987.2
    "Mary and the Seal and Other Folktales: Traditional Scottish Storytelling"
    Williamson, Duncan
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR451.MF1T64.0000.1
    "Told In Ireland: The Stories of Frank McKenna"
    McKenna, Frank
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR65.HC1S96.1982.1
    "Superstitions: Interviews with Jones, Dye, Shelton, Marion, Williams"
    Hart, Carol
  • AUDIO/CASS: GR65.HC2S96.1982.1
    "Superstitions: Interviews with the Morgan Family"
    Hart, Carol

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  • AUDIO/CASS: HM621.MJW1P76.1974.1
    "Problems in Cultivating an Ethnic or Regional Identity in America, June 21, 1974"
    Miller, Jim Wayne


  • AUDIO/CASS: L1099.EGT1S951.0000.1
    "Summer Teachers' Conference-SCETC Presentation by Dr. Edwards"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.EGT1A66.1985.1
    "Appalachian Studies Conference"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
    et al.
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.GJ1K56.1992.1
    "Kingsport City Schools: Curriculum Analysis for Inclusion of Appalachian Studies"
    Graham, Joyce
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.MJW1A66.1974.1
    "Appalachian Arts in the Schools by Jim Wayne Miller"
    Miller, Jim Wayne
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.MJW1M57.1974.1
    "Mirror for Appalachian Education and Arts, July 12, 1974"
    Miller, Jim Wayne
  • AUDIO/CASS: LC1099.MJW1R45.1974.1
    "Remarks on Culture, Tradition, Views on Teaching Grammar, etc."
    Miller, Jim Wayne

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  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.CR1A48.1986.1
    "Alumni of Appalachian Folklore in Concert at Bethel School"
    Cox, Ricky
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.SJ1A87.1981.1
    "Assorted Songs"
    Spencer, Jewel
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1BL83.0000.1
    "Bluegrass Music On 'Prairie Home Companion'"
    Various Artists,
    Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, Emmy Lou Harris
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1BL83.0000.1
    "Bluegrass Today: March 25, Show 106: Bobby Hicks"
    Various Artists,
    Bobby Hicks
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1G64.1990.1
    "Rock and Roll: Golden Years 1969"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1S68.1986.1
    "Southern Grassroots Music Tour: TAPE 1"
    Various Artists,
    Anne Romaine, Sparky Rucker, Free Spirit, Frazier Moss, Steve Kaufman
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1T62.1985.1
    "Today's Country Classics"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1V37.0000.1
    "Various Musicians"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA1W54.1989.1
    "Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Volume Two"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VA2S68.1986.1
    "Southern Grassroots Music Tour: TAPE 2"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.VAA66.1981.1
    "Appalachian Folk Music"
    Irwin, Sandy
    Nancy Cousins
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A5.WT1BL83.0000.1
    "Blue Ridge Parkway Celebration in Music"
    White Top Mountain Band,
    Tom Barr, Rebecca Haga Barr, Thornton Spencer, Emily Spencer, Fred Taylor
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A6.VA1C68.1982.1
    "Country Christmas, A"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1.A6.VA1C68.1985.1
    "Country Christmas, A, Volume 4"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.BR1R33.1979.1
    "Rafe Brady and Others"
    Brady, Rafe
    Gene, Gary, Ricky, Ross, Debbie
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.CR1A66.1985.2
    "Appalachian Folklore Concert: November 6, 1985: Hammer Dulcimer"
    Cox, Ricky
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.CR1A66.1985.1
    "Appalachian Folklore Concert: November 6, 1985: Hammer Dulcimer"
    Cox, Ricky
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.GJ1D42.1988.1
    "December Dulcimers"
    Griffis, Jennifer
    Randy Zombola
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1360.SD1EC3.0000.1
    "Echoes From the Hills"
    Sturgill, Uncle Dave
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1528.BT1TW56.1987.1
    Bledsoe, Tom
    Rich Kirby
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1528.DH1H37.0000.1
    "Hard Hitting Songs for Hard Hitting People"
    Dickens, Hazel
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1546.CM1A66.1988.1
    "Appalachian Folk Culture, Pulaski High School"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.AEC1P37.1989.1
    "AEC Party: January 27, 1989"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.AEC1P37.1994.1
    "AEC Party, April 29, 1994 (Includes Various Performances)"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.AK1C57.1986.1
    "Circle Celebration: Appalkids and Others"
    Appalkids and AEC,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.BSA1S54.0000.1
    "Songs by Sheila Adams Barnhill"
    Barnhill, Sheila Adams
    Jim Taylor
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CB1O74.1986.1
    "Bill Cannaday and the Original Orchard Grass Band, In Concert"
    Cannaday, Bill
    Original Orchard Grass Band
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CJ1J42.1981.2
    "Jeanette Carter and John McCutcheon in Concert"
    Carter, Jeanette
    John McCutcheon
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CJ1J42.1981.1
    "Jeanette Carter and John McCutcheon in Concert"
    Carter, Jeanette
    John McCutcheon
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CMC1S72.0000.1
    "State of the Heart and Shooting Straight in the Dark"
    Carpenter, Mary Chapin
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.CR1R53.1991.1
    "Ricky Cox, Summer 1991"
    Cox, Ricky
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.DJ1J86.1994.1
    "June Draper: Memories and Music of the Past: Appalachian Awareness Day, February 25, 1994"
    Draper, June
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.FB1W68.1989.1
    "Wounded Hearts and Mended Souls"
    The Foxfire Boys,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.FC1TH44.1993.1
    "Their Last Recordings: The Carter Family"
    Carter Family,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.FM1M96.1985.1
    "My Privilege"
    Fenton, Mike
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.FT1I82.1991.1
    "It Ain't Rock, It's the Blues"
    Foddrell, Turner
    Lynn Fodrell
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.GL67.1992.1
    "Glory Road, 1968 to 1972: Cassette Two"
    Diamond, Neil
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.GO1C66.0000.1
    "Concert by Olen Gardner and Jack Hinshelwood for Appalachian Folklore Class"
    Gardner, Olen
    Jack Hinshelwood
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.GO1O43.1981.1
    "Olen Gardner and Jack Hinshelwood, Perfomance"
    Gardner, Olen
    Hinshelwood, Jack
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.GW1W54.1986.1
    "Willard Gayheart in Performance"
    Gayheart, Willard
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.HEL1S66.0000.1
    "Songs by Emmy Lou Harris"
    Harris, Emma Lou
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.KB1S66.0000.1
    "Songs by K.B. and Missy"
    K.B. and Missy,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.LL1S56.0000.1
    "Singin' My Troubles Away"
    Lewis, Laurie
    Grant Street
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.LN1W76.1994.1
    "Wrong Highway Blues"
    Northern Lights,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.ME1E44.0000.1
    "Elizabeth McCommon in Concert"
    McCommon, Elizabeth
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.ME1RH62.1986.1
    McCommon, Elizabeth
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.MJ1W37.1991.1
    "Water From Another Time"
    McCutcheon, John
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.MR1I87.1992.1
    "It's Your Call"
    McEntire, Reba
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.NRCC1A66.1989.1
    "Appalachian Awareness Day, "Spur of the Moment", New River Community College, April 14, 1989"
    Spur of the Moment,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PC1P52.1994.1
    "Picaza and Crowe"
    Picaza and Crowe,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PG1M68.1974.1
    "Mountain Musicians: George Pegram and Red Parham"
    Pegram, George
    Red Parham
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PJ1O42.1986.2
    "Old Time Favorites"
    Pierce, J.C.
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PJ1O42.1986.1
    "Old Time Favorites"
    Pierce, J.C.
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.PJ1S66.0000.1
    "Songs by J.C. Pierce"
    Pierce, J.C.
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RC1BL83.1992.1
    "Blues and S'Mor with Carl's West Virginia Waltz"
    Rutherford, Carl
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RC1H65.1991.1
    "Home to West Virginia"
    Rutherford, Carl
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RC1L68.1991.1
    "Love Can't Fly on Broken Wings"
    Rutherford, Carl
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RF1K52.0000.1
    "Kickin' Up Dust"
    Profitt, Frank, Jr.
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RJ1J42.0000.1
    "Jean Ritchie Concert"
    Ritchie, Jean
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.RL1IF9.1990.1
    "If You See A Dream"
    Roderick, Libby
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.TR1H47.0000.1
    "Heroes and Friends and 'Friends in High Places'"
    Travis, Randy
    George Jones
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.VA1A66.1985.1
    "Appalachian Folklore Concert: November 6, 1985"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.VA1A66.1985.2
    "Appalachian Folklore Concert: November 6, 1985 (COPY)"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.VA1A66.1992.1
    "Appalachian Folklore Class Performing, 1982"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.WK1P52.0000.1
    "Picking and Singing by Keith Webb and Junior Page, Appalkids at Hindman Junior "Kiliga""
    Webb, Keith
    Junior Page
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1547.WM1B47.1980.1
    "Best of Bluegrass, The"
    Wiseman, Mac
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.B341.1989.1
    "Ballads and Songs in Teresa's Class"
    Wheeler, Teresa
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.MA1B34.1975.1
    "Ballads by Artus Moser"
    Moser, Artus
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.MMR1B34.1984.1
    "Ballads and Songs by Reta Mae Mackin's Mother"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.MR1B34.1987.1
    "Ballad of English 548 and Other Songs"
    Mosser, Revonda
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.PB1B66.0000.1
    "Bootlegger by Bruce Piephoff"
    Piephoff, Bruce
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.VA1B34.0000.1
    "Ballads by Various Artists"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1611.VA1S65.0000.1
    "Some Ballad Folks: Field Recordings from the Burton-Manning Collection of Folklore"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1625.EGT1A66.1981.1
    "Appalachia: A Journey (Slide Show)"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1625.EGT1J68.0000.1
    "Journey Through Appalachia (Slide Show)"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1625.EGT1S76.1974.1
    "Storms on the Ocean"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.C1O93.0000.1
    "Over the Sesa to Skye: The Celtic Connection"
    James Galway
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.CS1SW4.0000.1
    "Sweet Primroses, The and By the Hush"
    Collins, Shirley
    Andy Stewart
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.DS1R33.0000.1
    "Raggle Taggle Mix"
    Deynes, Steve
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.EGT1TW2.0000.1
    "Twa Corbies, The (The Two Ravens) and A Wandering on a Winter's Night (Lass of Roch Royal)"
    Edwards, Grace Toney
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.M1CL37.0000.1
    "Classic Scots Ballads by McColl and Anthem for the Common Man by The Battlefield Band"
    The Battlefield Band
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.RS1L42.1993.1
    "Stanley Roberston: Lecture to Appalachian Cultures Class and Concert"
    Robertson, Stanley
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.RS1S36.0000.1
    "Scottish Ballads and Storytelling by Stanley Robertson, Tape 1"
    Robertson, Stanley
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.RS2S36.0000.1
    "Scottish Ballads and Storytelling by Stanley Robertson, Tape 2"
    Robertson, Stanley
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA1A66.0000.1
    "Appalachian Roots: Connections Between Celtic and Appalachian Music"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA1P46.1991.1
    "Penicuik Folk Club, TAPE 1"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA1S56.0000.1
    "Singers, Singing, Tae Sangsters: In Aid of the School of Scottish Studies"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA2P46.1991.1
    "Penicuik Folk Club, TAPE 2"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.VA3P46.1991.1
    "Penicuik Folk Club, TAPE 3"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD1C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 1"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD1T74.1993.1
    "Trip to West Highlands, Ballads and Songs"
    Williamson, Duncan
    Stanley Robertson
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD2C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 2"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD3C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 3"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD4C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 4"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WD5C44.1991.1
    "Ceilidh at Duncan Williamson's, TAPE 5"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1627.WS1CL42.1990.1
    Wellington, Sheena
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1628.GS1S36.1993.1
    "Scottish Songs"
    Gordon, Susan
  • AUDIO/CASS: M177.AE1A44.1994.1
    "Appalachian Awareness Day"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.MUD1D43.0000.1
    "Assorted Musicians: Uncle Dave Macon, Ray Stevens, Oswald"
    Macon, Uncle Dave
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.VA1BL32.0000.1
    "Black Jack Davy and 'Gypsy Laddie' Master Tape"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.VA1BL32.0000.2
    "Black Jack Davy and 'Gypsy Laddie' Master Tape"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.VA1H42.1995.1
    "Heartbeat: Voices of First Nations Women"
    Various Artists,
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1900.WS1R34.1986.1
    "Railroad Ballads by Steve Watson and Autoharp and Dulcimer by Sara Melton and Teresa Wheeling"
    Watson, Steve
    Sara Melton and Teresa Wheeling
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1990.A1A22.0000.1
    "APPALKIDS: ABC's Appalachian Style"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1990.ETK1P37.1982.1
    "Parodies of Folksongs"
    Edwards, Trent and Kyle
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1999.DJ1J86.1995.1
    "June Draper Sings Gospel Songs"
    Draper, June
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1999.VA1CH54.1981.1
    "Children of the Heavenly King: Religious Expressions in the Central Blue Ridge-TAPE 1"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1999.VA2CH54.1981.1
    "Children of the Heavenly King: Religious Expressions in the Central Blue Ridge-TAPE 2"
  • AUDIO/CASS: M1999.WC1S56.1974.1
    "Singing Religious Songs, Ballads, and Preaching, Kentucky Mountain Style"
    Williams, Cratis
  • AUDIO/CASS: M2020.FW1S22.1990.1
    "Bound for Canaan: Sacred Harp Singing From Sand Mountain, Alabama"
    Wootten Family,
    and Others
  • AUDIO/CASS: M2060.AR1H95.0000.1
    "Hymns From the Mountains"
    Akers, Robert
    and The Full Gospel Evangelistic Singers
  • AUDIO/CASS: M2060.FC1S22.0000.1
    "Sacred Collection, A: The Original Carter Family"
    Carter Family,
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  • "X-Mas No. 1 and No.2"

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