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Dr. Patricia Talbot


Room A043, Peters Hall

Dr. Patricia A. Talbot is an Associate Professor of Elementary Education.  Prior to joining the faculty at Radford University, she worked in the local Montgomery County Public School system as a classroom teacher, an elementary guidance counselor, a school principal and a central office administrator for more than 25 years. 

She currently supervises an annual cohort of interns and student teachers during their fieldwork in Pulaski County Public Schools.   These students begin their senior field experience in the spring and graduate in December of each year.   In the seminar sessions that coincide with their internships (EDUC 430 and EDUC 450), Dr. Talbot supports these students in developing essential instructional and classroom management skills as well as expertise in working with families and communities to maximize learning.   She also teaches instructional methods courses in language arts (EDUC 304) and social studies (EDUC 425).  A high priority for Dr. Talbot is providing students with authentic experiences that mirror what occurs in a successful elementary classroom while providing a professional perspective on the theory and rationale behind each experience.  Students experience the classroom as children might and reflect upon these experiences from the point of view of a teacher committed to success for every child. 

Dr. Talbot has been actively involved in the Malawi Study Abroad Project each summer since 2008.  She has made the trip three times and in other years has supported participants in related coursework through an independent study  course (EDUC 498) “Building Cultural Competencies in an International Setting”  for those students wishing to utilize the experience for social studies concentration credit. 

Her research interests have centered around building school community in support of learning both at home and with partners abroad as well as the influence that service learning experiences in diverse environments may have on the cultural competencies of preservice teachers.   She has published three recent articles in these areas including: 

Talbot, P., Bisha, J. & Neely, A. (2013). Building community across continents: a critical-ecological model for examining relationships in an international partnership. Global Education Journal. 2013 (2).

Talbot, P. (2011) Aha Malawi! Envisioning Field Experiences that Nurture Cultural Competencies for Preservice Teachers. The International Journal of Multicultural Education. 13(1).

Talbot, P. (2010) Nurturing Cultural Competence with Intentional Field Experience in Unfamiliar Places. The Journal of Multiculturalism in Education. 6(3).