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Application Process

Persons interested in graduate coursework in visual impairment have several options here at Radford University.

  • Endorsement in Visual Impairment: This program is for teachers who already hold a license in Special Education and would like to become certified to teach students with visual impairments and blindness. This requires 20 hours of coursework and 4 hours of internship after review and approval of prior coursework. If you are a General Education Teacher additional coursework may be required.
  • Initial Licensure in Visual Impairment: This program is for people who do not have a teaching license. It requires 28-37 hours of coursework and 4 hours of internship.
  • Masters in Special Education with a concentration in Visual Impairment: This program is for individuals interested in a Master's degree in Special Education with Visual Impairments.  Only one additional course in educational research is required beyond the full licensure program.

All individuals who wish to take one or more courses in visual impairment must apply to both the VI Consortium and the Graduate College. Please begin the application process as soon as possible. It often takes at least 4-6 weeks for the process and you must be accepted and have an ID number before you can be registered for classes.

(1)  To learn more about the requirements and process for applying to the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at RU:

    a.      Send an email to gradcollege@radford.edu OR

    b.      Call 540) 831-5431 OR

    c.     Apply on-line http://www.radford.edu/content/grad/home/admissions/apply.html

(2)  You must also apply to the Virginia Consortium for Teacher Preparation in Visual Impairment http://kihd.gmu.edu/training-grants/teacher-prep-program/prospective-students/application-vi-updated/. Application to the Consortium involves submission of the Application Form for Participation and three essays; your updated, detailed resume; and a telephone or face-to-face interview. Please send these materials to:

Dr. Liz Altieri, Graduate Advisor and Grant Coordinator
for Adapted Curriculum and Visual Impairment
Special Education Program Area
School of Teacher Education and Leadership
(540) 831-5590