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Hearing Impairments

The Master of Science Degree in Special Education with Virginia Licensure in Hearing Impairment PreK-12 prepares teachers to work with deaf and hard of hearing students of all ages. Graduate students in the D/HH program are exposed to the various communication and instructional approaches used with deaf and hard of hearing students. Graduates of our program will be fully prepared to enter the field of deaf education.

Program Requirements

EDSP 625.  Audiologic Assessment and Intervention
EDSP 526.  Introduction to Deaf and Hard of Hearing
EDSP 527.  curriculum and Methods for Deaf and Hard of Hearing
EDSP 628.  Language Development and Literacy for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students
EDSP 606.  Educational Research
EDSP 622.  Collaboration in Schools and Community for Special Populations
EDSP 651.  Current Trends in Programs and Services for Exceptional Individuals
EDSP 669.  Diagnostic Educational Procedures for Exceptional Individuals
EDSP 670.  Behavior Management and Social Skills Development

Optional to add licensure in D/HH (PreK-12)

EDSP 755.  D/HH - Teaching Internship - Preschool/Elementary
EDSP 756.  D/HH - Teaching Internship - Secondary

Additional supporting coursework may be required and is outlined in the Graduate Program of Studies.