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Master of Science in Education

Our Master of Science in Education is ideal for either the practicing teacher or the prospective teacher.  We offer six different sub-programs within this degree.

Curriculum and Instruction, without licensure – for people who already hold a teaching license or who simply have an interest in education issues

Curriculum and Instruction, with licensure – for people who wish to pursue a license to teach along with a Master's degree

Math Education Content Area Studies – for people who are already secondary mathematics teachers and/or people who wish to be able to teach math at the community college level

Appalachian Studies Content Area Studies – for preK-12 teachers in the region who wish to incorporate place-based education strategies in their classrooms. Also, post-secondary educators, community organizers, nonprofit organization leaders, and business and health professional in the region will benefit from obtaining this degree.

Educational Technology – for educational professionals in business, industry, as well as K-16 schools who wish to pursue professional development in a variety of technology-related areas.

Early Childhood Education/Early Childhood Special Education – this concentration is only open to students who are in the 5 year program that begins when students are undergraduate Early Childhood majors at RU.