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STEL Admission Requirements

Minimum of 52 semester hours of course work completed. Log into the portal to review your academic history information.
A 2.50 grade point average over all college level work, a 2.50 grade point average at RU, and a 2.50 grade point average in the major. Elementary Education and Secondary Social Studies Education candidates must have a 3.00 GPA in all these areas as well as Professional Studies. Log into the portal to review your academic history information.
Documentation of 50 hours of observation and/or experience in an educational setting for students pursuing licensure in all Teacher Education programs. Documentation Form for 50 Clock Hours
No record of criminal violations or violations of university codes and policies. Academic Integrity Student Conduct
Throughout the program, continue to meet expectations regarding Professional Dispositions and Characteristics Teacher Candidate Dispositions and Professional Characteristics
Successfully completed HUMD 300 and/or completed other prerequsite requirements for sppecific programs. Log into the portal to review your academic history information.
Full admission requires passing scores on Praxis I, Praxis II, and VCLA. Some programs allow provisional admission. Praxis Series
Completed Speech/Language hearing screening. Speech and Hearing Clinic
Download, print, carefully read documents, and save for personal file prior to admission to Teacher Education. Policies and Procedures
The Code of Ethics of the Education Profession
Signed statement (last page of memorandum) that Memorandum of Understanding has been read must be submitted with application. Memorandum of Understanding
Completed application to Teacher Education Program (TEP) Application to Teacher Education Program
Request for provisional admission if necessary Provisional Admission Form