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Academic Departments

The College of Education and Human Development consists of five departments: Appalachian Studies, Counselor Education, Health and Human Performance, Recreation, Parks and Tourism and the School of Teacher Education and Leadership. The college also offers six minor programs, five master's level programs and three certificate programs.

Appalachian Studies

The Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center provides students with an understanding of the heritage, environment and culture of the Appalachian region. Students critique and analyze the political, social, and environmental economies and institutions of Appalachia, as well as learn the rich diversity of the region's people. Students who plan to live and work within the Appalachia will find the Appalachian Studies minor a valuable addition to their major fields of study. Even those students who plan to live outside the region will find the minor beneficial because they aquire cultural competency skills and critical thinking that transcend the particular of Appalachia and can be applied on an international level. 

Counselor Education

The strength of the program resides within our students, faculty, and staff. Perhaps our greatest strength is our commitment to students and helping them meet their educational and professional ambitions. Working collaboratively, students and faculty create a relationship that is committed to both personal and professional growth. Faculty are practitioners, personally and professionally dedicated to the discipline of counseling and human development.

Health and Human Performance

Health and Human Performance (HHP) programs prepare students for leadership roles in sport, fitness and wellness. The department offers a diverse range of majors:  Athletic Training; Nutrition and Dietetics; and Exercise, Sport, and Health Education (with concentrations in Fitness, Strength and Conditioning; Health Education and Health Promotion; Physical and Health Education Teaching; Sport Administration; and Sports Medicine).

Recreation, Parks and Tourism

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs in the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism prepare students for professional leadership roles in a variety of non-profit and commercial settings. The undergraduate program is accredited by the National Council on Accreditation for Park, Recreation and Leisure Services. In addition, the recreation therapy concentration meets eligibility requirements to take the national certification examination. Students entering the program of study should recognize that their progress will be closely monitored from an academic and professional perspective. It is the intent of the department and program for students who graduate to reflect professional knowledge and skills in order to be successful in their chosen field.

School of Teacher Education and Leadership

We feature strong partnerships with public schools and our diverse programs prepare teachers and administrators to serve children from birth through grade 12. Our candidates become highly skilled and participate in practical experiences in their fields of study. Our faculty feature expertise and research agendas in areas such as high impact teaching strategies, cultural responsiveness, instructional technology, and interdisciplinary teaching. Our education programs in early childhood /early childhood special education, elementary, middle, special education, educational leadership, reading, science, math and social studies allow us to match our resources to needs of school districts and to model research-based practices.