Malawi Study Abroad

Radford University has been deeply involved in a partnership with a public primary school in Malawi since 2005. This partnership allows Radford University students to travel, work and learn alongside teachers in this beautiful country in Sub-Saharan Africa during the summer months each year. The program is open to students in any major.


Meet the Faculty: Mark Wagstaff

Mark Wagstaff, a professor of recreation, parks and tourism, enjoys teaching his students how to be quality experiential educators. View the closed-captioned version.


Master of Science in Education

A video describing the Master of Science degree in Education at Radford University.  View the closed-captioned version.


Developing Vocabulary

Jarrod Hobson works with Associate Professor Debbie Bays Wilbon to create lesson plans for increasing vocabulary in first and second graders. View the closed-captioned version.


Graduate Programs in the CEHD

A video detailing all graduate programs offered by the College of Education and Human Development.  View the closed-captioned version.


Help Bring Leo Totten to Radford University

Leo Totten, world class Olympic weight lifting coach and one of the most influential strength coaches of all-time, is coming to Radford University! To celebrate his visit, Dr. David Sallee has planned an epic training session for his students - but he needs your help.