Cancellation and Missed Interview Policy

A scheduled interview is a business appointment made between the student and the employer. When conducting a job search it is critical for students to recognize that they are also preparing to become workplace professionals. Thus, it is important to conduct business with potential employers in a professional fashion, including through voicemail messages, phone calls, letters, emails, resumes and interviews. The impression you make will be lasting ones; favorable or unfavorable.

Employers invest substantial time and money in their recruitment efforts and it is a privilege to have them come to campus. When a student misses a scheduled interview, it impacts the employer, other students, and the reputation of the university. Radford University places the highest values on our students and employers, so any negative impact to either causes us great concern.

Cancellation Policy
Interview cancellations can be made in HireAHighlander under the Schedule tab.  It is a professional courtesy to make your changes early so that the recruiter can schedule an appointment with other interested candidates. If the cancellation deadline has passed, it is your responsbility to make contact with the Career Services's office prior to your scheduled interview time.

Missed Interview Policy
If you miss an interview without contacting our office, the result is that you will be documented as having "missed the interview."  This will resuilt in the loss of your privileges to partcipate in the On-Campus Interviewing Program, in other words, you will be blocked from using HireAHighlander for future purposes.  However, you will not be removed from interviews you have already scheduled, so it is essential that you attend those interview appointments.  Failure to do so will result in additional "missed interview" reports on your record.

To discuss the circumstances regarding your missed interview and your status with HireAHighlander, you will need to set up an appointment to meet with our Director of Career Services by calling 540 831 5373.