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Negotiations & Salaries

Salary negotiations can make a person uncomfortable.  Be aware that salary negotiation is a standard part of the hiring process.  A salary negotiation isn't about demanding more money--it's a discussion both sides hope will have a positive outcome.  Many organizations (especially big companies) expect you to negotiate, so they factor that in to their offer.

Don't talk about salary until you've been offered the position.  Try to avoid salary discussions during the interview stage.  You have more leverage after an offer has been made. View Career Spots Video: "The Salary Question."

Salary is only one part of your compensation package.  Other possible benefits include vacation, sick time, health insurance, dental coverage, life and disability insurance, retirement options, tuition assistance, day care, and parking.  These benefits are sometimes a part of your compensation package and may affect the salary offer.  Occasionally you can negotiate some of these benefits.

Be Prepared by Doing Your Homework

In order to effectively negotiate a fair salary, you need to know what a realstic salary range is for someone:

  1. in the type of position you've been offered
  2. with your qualification/skills
  3. in what geographic location
  4. with your amount of experience

To research typical salary ranges: