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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do an internship?
Internships are work-related learning experiences that provide students, new graduates, and career changers with an opportunity to gain important knowledge and skills in a career related field. Many organizations use internships as a way to assess and train potential candidates for jobs. Internships are an excellent way to gain experience in a career field of interest as well as an opportunity to try out one or more careers by getting a behind the scenes look at what it’s actually like working in the field.

Should I do an internship for credit or non-credit?
There are many rewarding and worthwhile internships available and some of these can be linked directly with college coursework. Working directly with an onsite supervisor and a faculty sponsor can provide a rich learning experience that includes additional reading, writing, etc., on the subject in addition to the experiential learning that takes place each day on the internship. It is not necessary to do an internship for credit in order to get a valuable internship experience.

How do I earn credit for my internship?
Many academic programs at RU offer academic credit internships. Check with your academic advisor or internship coordinator within your department to determine the requirements for your major. Also check with your departments’ website to see what internship information is shared there, before you ask. The department from which you are seeking academic credit will determine if the internship option you are exploring are related to your degree program and substantial enough to earn credits. Learn more about academic credit internships.

What goals should I get accomplished in my internships?
Whether or not your internship is for credit or non-credit, seek an internship that will help expand your skills and competencies. Having an internship that you are allowed to observe duties reserved for the credentialed professional are still valuable experiences.

When should I start looking for an internship?
Consult with your academic advisor/internship coordinator to investigate an ideal time for you to do an internship. Be aware that certain industries and internships have early deadlines, and recruit and hire as early as November. Beginning your internship search during winter break affords you additional time to look for internships and perhaps make some valuable connections with alumni or professionals within organizations of interest prior to returning to college. You can check with your Career Services for assistance and to find out which internships recruit early.

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