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Active Citizen's Conference

Join a 6-member RU student team at the William & Mary - The W&M Active Citizens Conference, Williamsburg, VA, Feb. 14 – 15, 2014. All expenses paid. Applications will be considered as they are received.

Thanks to a generous grant of the Scholar Citizen Initiative, Radford University will cover all expenses associated with a team of RU students to attend the William & Mary - The W&M Active Citizens Conference. Williamsburg, VA, Feb. 14 – 15, 2014. At this conference, the RU team will join students from many other VA colleges and universities to learn about the best practices for impacting community and mobilizing social change.

As a team of RU students, you’ll then apply what you have learned by designing a “change” project that you’ll bring back and implement on campus. To help make this happen, we are seeking students who are concerned about social and environmental issues facing this community and region, and who are committed to developing their own skills and knowledge to help address these issues. We are seeking student leaders (and emerging leaders) who can help work with other student leaders, student groups, community partners, and RU faculty and administration to establish new programs to help raise awareness and address these issues.

To apply, send a letter (2 page max) addressing the following questions to Tim Filbert at tfilbert@radford.edu.

  • Describe a community or regional issue that are you most concerned about.
  • Describeyour involvement in efforts to address and to learn more about this issue.
  • What most intrigues or interests you about the conference schedule and program?
  • Discuss other factors, experience, skills, knowledge, ideas, or expertise that might be relevant for this workshop and working with a team on a campus/community “change” project.

    The team will depart the RU campus at 12 noon on Friday, Feb. 14, and return atapproximately 10 pm, Saturday, Feb. 15.