Evan's Story


Name:  Evan Reid
College:  College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences
Major(s):  Political Science; Management and Entrepreneurship Minors
Grad Year:  Spring 2017
Hometown:  Richmond, Va.

1. Why did you decide to attend Radford University?
I have been planning to go law school for some time now, so I knew that I had be mindful of the cost to obtain my undergraduate degree. I decided to attend Radford University because I knew between family support and the scholarships available, I could afford it and that I would get a great education that would prepare me for law school.

2. How have you financed your education? Have you encountered any challenges along the way?
My family and I have, more or less, worked together to finance my education. I have worked for the entire four years that I have been at Radford University, which helps to pay for many of my living expenses. In addition to support from my parents, I have earned a number of scholarships from private donors that have helped to cover my tuition.

3. What do you appreciate most about your Radford University education?
I appreciate the guidance and advice that I have received from the professors that I have met at Radford University. I came to college willing to work hard and very open to learn as much as I possibly could. My experience has been enriched and made simpler by the mentors who have helped me along the way.

4. What are your career ambitions?
I want to go to law school within the next year, and I want to own and operate my own business within the next five to seven years. I am not necessarily interested in starting a law firm, but I do want to further my education in business law while keeping an open mind about what I can do professionally that aligns with my interests and passions, which span music, movies, sports, local government and the non-profit sector. Radford University has really helped prepare me for the next step in my education while allowing me to explore my many interests.

5. Why do you think donor support is important?
Donor support is important because it shows students, like me, that their efforts are being recognized. When scholarships are made available to students, they then have the opportunity to be awarded for their hard work. I have noticed that a lot of times in school, students are told to work hard now and it will pay off eventually. That is true, but when a student is able to receive a scholarship, they are able to earn for themselves, now.

6. Do you have a message for donors and prospective donors?
If you are a donor, thank you. If you are a future donor, please consider giving now and becoming part of our exciting journeys. Thank you for helping provide me and other students with the needed resources so that one day we can give back to the Highlander community.